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(qwestfrost) #923

Oooh, I must have not paid attention to that part. Will try it right now.

EDIT: It works now. But there’s a very severe visual glitch when i open my inventory when the vial is there and when i inject it. Things keep flickering, skybox disappears,… and i think that’s a problem that occurs only for me.

EDIT2: I crashed and now no gear drops anymore. Tried re-adding the vial on my level 60 Lilith and even saving the changes on the “New Item” it crashes with a general protection fault.
I was playing fine and now it’s crashes, crashes and more crashes. Can’t play for more than 5 minutes and i wouldn’t be saying this if i haven’t watched other youtubers and they were playing it more than fine.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #924

Have you fiddled with the quantity settings? Having anything beyond 100 vials is very dodgy. Also you could implement the WT code lines for a vial manually instead of copy-pasting it.

(qwestfrost) #925

I was changing the vial quantity to 1, so i tried to do what you said (implementing the codes manually) and leaving it at 100, and, it worked with my low-level Mordecai but not with my high-level Lilith, don’t know why.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #926

Is your Lilith an import from Xbox/PS? Also how big is your high lvl. characters’ inventory? + Do you have modded items/weapons stored on it (think Shredder Shredder’s / Stock Repeater Pistols / etc.) My custom weapon/items don’t go well with modded crap.


Hey peeps!

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(qwestfrost) #927

Nope, my Lilith is directly from PC and my character’s inventory is 999 because i can’t discard anything. But it seems like it’s the modded thing, i’ve added a stock pistol to try it out and forgot to remove it, will try right now.
EDIT: No change.
EDIT2: On my Mordecai, it works, but i can’t travel to another map without crashing.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #928

Have you tried re-installing Dr. Zed’s Patch and all my .upk’s from scratch?

(qwestfrost) #929

Yes, i have, multiple times before.

Sorry for wasting your time, by the way.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #930

You’re not really. I’m just at a loss at why the thing doesn’t work. The 999 Inventory thing could be an issue that’s causing it. Have you run win7_fix.bat as an admin?

(qwestfrost) #931

I’m really done trying with my Lilith, but i’d like help with the Mordecai, which i can normally boot up the game but it crashes upon travelling or just randomly. I HAVE ran it as an admin the three times i reinstalled the Zed patch and now i’m gonna try it again.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #932

Have you watched my installation video? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sweat_smile:

(qwestfrost) #933

Watching and rewatching, i didn’t do anything different from what you said on the video. The rest of the video after the instructions is you talking about updating and about replacing the shields with the vials, but it’s obvious that’s not the problem, so…
Created another character, re-added the vial, this time manually typing in each part, saving changes then saving, and it keeps on crashing and i’m so frustrated.
EDIT: It’s kind of awkward to ask this, but can you please send me the shield codes? I really want to try this out but the stupid game simply doesn’t let me, but i’ve had good experiences with loot shields so it’ll maybe work.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #934

The loot shields are long gone, nothing of them remains. + Why use them? They contain about half the content there is currently.

(qwestfrost) #935

Because i think they’d at least work. Well, guess i’m just gonna give up. Good luck with the future updates on your projects, though. Hope they go well.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #936

You might wanna return when I have the 4th item expansion out. It might solve the issue, I dunno. I had people not being able to get things running at one iteration and they did get things running the next.

(Impala) #937

Oh, hi Mark.
Maliwan MIRV grenade mod. Mother grenade drops barrels that you’ll have to shoot to detonate. Comes in all elements.

(Mantrixray) #938

I like the sound of this grenade mod, but only one left to be made is an anshin manufacture left. The Maliwan is called Epidemic.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #939

Yeah all the Pearl ideas look fine, but remember I’m not looking for that. I’m not going to make them, like as in ever… I’m sorry that this might sound harsh but better you know what I’m after then just blindly spam with no result for it in the future. So guys plz STOP sending me either pearl 'nade / COM or shield ideas and DON’T send me legendary/pearl weapon ideas; I’m looking for LEGENDARY GRENADE MOD ideas.

I’m also not going to save the other ideas for future reference because I’m not going to constantly scroll through the ever increasing 925+ messages just to find this 1 idea that’s MAYBE somewhere in there.

(Impala) #940

No worries, just felt like typing down some stuff.

(Angry Crux Azure Unit) #941

Manu: Atlas
The Dog House
It’s raining cats and dogs!
Effect: Spawns 3-6 skags that are allied to the player who spawned them. Higher chance for pups and other “low tier” skags than alpha skags and elemental variants.

(Some say sic sense) #942

This is a request to anyone who’s used the weapon/item packs: if you happen to still have an older revision of them on your PC, please PM me. I’m planning on archiving them.

Do note that if I do make an archive, it will have no official support. Just a head-up.