Mr. GJ's Weapons/Items Arsenal - Latest Revision: 29/04/2018

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #943

Maybe make a separate GBX forum topic on it. I believe its easier to maintain synopticism that way.

@P_Anarchist what is up with all you people and your spawner grenade fetish? :joy:

(Sleep Master) #944

Me me! I have idea:

Manufacturer: Gearbox
Less Blood
Or is it Bloodless?
Effect: Spawns 10 random Bloodless Weapons where grenade explodes.

Fair and balanced imo

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #945

Aye, I think we should actually change the red text to:
“DarkSepif**ks unobtainables”



Also take a look up top guys, I’ve made things a LOT more synoptic…

(rolee9309) #946

Maybe a MIRV with increased child count?
Manufacturer: Maliwan
Name: Fireworks
Red text: Wow. Very shock. Much corrosive. Such fire. (I dunno yet, it’s just a stupid idea :smiley: )
It explodes into 12 child grenades (4 shock, 4 corrosive, 4 incendiary)

(Impala) #947

They’re so cool and fun!
Myriad ftw.
(I’m guessing a lot of guys are pokemon fans? or just pet class players)

If I had to choose one, it would be zombies. We can already lure skags to bandits and watch the carnage.
How about going to New Haven and having the Crimson Lance fight your zombies, turning it into Dead Haven? That would be sweet.

(Angry Crux Azure Unit) #948

Spawning stuff is fun :smile_cat:

Manu: Anshin
Grab bag special
Effect: Low grenade damage, does not heal via hp tendrils (or very low amount?), spawns 0-4 Mega Healing Vials, spawns 0-3 Mega Ammo drops.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #949

Like as in the Moxxi’s arena? Somewhat like a brother to the Freesia. Mmmh, this might actually be the thing I’ll press through. But it’ll mean I’ll have to look at the Freesia and its place in my arsenal after I’ve added this.

(Impala) #950

How about one similar to the Astragalus, but for shield regen?

Get in here.
Anshin grenade mod. Casts a circular ring that provides rapid shield regeneration to allies standing in it.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #951

That’d be more Pangolin in my book. But Pangolin is already done.

(Angry Crux Azure Unit) #952

Kinda (although unintentional)
Edity: Looking at the Freesia now (and the fact it’s a pearl) maybe up the ammo drops to 4-20 random single ammo type replenish and the hp drops to 2-8 and they’d also be low on my grenade idea?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #953

Won’t be long now guys!

(Mantrixray) #954

I would like to say thank you very much Mr_GJ for going out of your way to create the 4th item pack for your custom gear fans like myself, I was unfortunately recently terminated on YouTube so i do apologise that i can no longer review your gear which is no good, but still here to enjoy your gear and others would appreciate it aswell.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #955

Just to give you guys an idea. Y’all been asking for things that can spawn stuff into the game right? Well 4 grenades spawns things. 2 of which spawn physical things in the game with which you as the player can interact, the other 2 spawn non-physical things. However 1 of the 2 which do spawn physical things is pretty short in lifespan and very limited in use (only offers you 1 thing) and the other one… Well its something which’ll surprise EVERYONE, and for the better… The Vladof Retreat will become a very loved item to have indeed…

But before people start saying “ErMyGerd the Vladof Retreat is my idea! I’m happy that you used it Mr GJ.” Let me just inform you that I made the Retreat WAY before people started giving me idea’s, I’ve actually have been planning to make an item like it for years now.

(FantasticBlackBoy) #956

Flame of the Firehawk
From the ashes she will rise
Maliwan shield

Constant Nova effect (Falcon explode animation) effect when the shield is depleted. This effect lasts indefinitely, as long as the shield remains at 0, and triggers roughly every second. Any shield recovery forces for a complete shield recharge before the effect can trigger again.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #957

I f***king hated that shield. XD So annoying if someone in your game was using it, constantly getting in your way, constantly shaking up your screen.

I’m not going to make this. Besides I’m done with this item expansion, no more suggestions peeps! :wink:


(qwestfrost) #958

Hot diggidy damn the hype.

EDIT: Update on my cant-get-it-to-work situation, i was leaving the vial at level 0 but thwe quality at 5, and I’ve heard somewhere the level cap for Quality 5 gear was 48, so i tried reducing both to 0 but still didn’t work
My Lilith also DID have other modded things so that was the problem but my Mordecai is bare vanilla and it doesn’t work with him too.
This IS kinda an useless edit but just a heads-up.
EDIT2: Pasted it unedited, the game DID launch, but i got massive framerate drops and a rendering thread exception fault when highlighting the item in my inv.

(Jokerofpc) #959

@Mr_GJ Can you tell me what part of the grenade you have to add a “ProjectileDefinition” to? Don’t want to go through the hassle of putting a definition on every part.

This was something i asked months ago but i could never find it so i just stopped, probably wasn’t the best choice to stop, would of found it if i would of kept looking.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #960

If you have made a Manufacturer Material, go to “Behaviours” and add “PlayerBehaviour_GrantProjectile” to “OnEquipped.” Then slide the “ProjectileDef.” into the “GrantProjectile” part and set the “Context” to “MyInstigator” then go to “OnUnequpped” and add a “PlayerBehaviour_UngrantProjectile” and set its “Context” to “MyInstigator” as well.

That ought to do it.

(Jokerofpc) #961
  1. What do i put in the ProjectileDef slot? 2. Will this allow me to spawn all of my allies based on the chance i give them of spawning?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #962

You put in the ProjectileDef. whatever you want to make your projectile do. I can’t help you with that that’s wholly up to you. So yeah if you want to make a spawner grenade much like my Myriad grenade you can and they’ll spawn according to their spawnweight you give them, going from 0 - 100.’


Out of curiosity, what are you planning to make?