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(qwestfrost) #983

I just don’t understand how i got it to work for a few minutes the first time i ever tried this then after crashing it stopped working altogether.

(Jokerofpc) #984

@Mr_GJ I don’t know if this happens from time to time, but when i reopened the B1 editor the shield i made was gone all accept for the partlist, why would every thing just disappear?


Just realized my custom material saved but my red text deleted inside of it

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #985

That could be because you don’t have a copy of your recent work in your BL1 where your UDK is located.

(Impala) #986


Flatline seems nice, not everything needs a crazy effect.
Retreat is something I’ve always wanted, talk about utility.
Ward is just sweet, just excellent.

What a sweet pack, can’t wait to start farming for them. Gotta catch 'em all. :smiley:

(Mantrixray) #987

Holy C*ap i am SO EXCITED for these 4th item pack grenades and shields, i read the description and the read text on them and WOW they are so amazing then very hyped for using these.

Most of these freaked me out on how attractive they will be to pick up and use and of course abuse depending on how far you are through the game. Testing them out on each character will be a blast, Once again Thanks for keeping the game alive MR GJ.

(Impala) #988

A couple names got cut off.
What’s the Pangolin shield +25% max shield capacity called?
And the Tediore team ammo regeneration one.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #989

Flatline has a crazy effect. Like I said in the past peeps, you guys don’t know half of the design process that goes behind these items. They are very balanced in usage as you’ll come to understand when you use/see them in action. Something that I’m known for. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(TaZe Schwifty) #990

The item wont add to my inventory… i followed the install and all but it didn’t work…

(TaZe Schwifty) #991

i retried it and it worked…

(qwestfrost) #992

You never read this. But you will read this:

2 minutes ago i traveled to skag gully and back to arid badlands and visuals are getting screwed up randomly and unfrequently but when i turn in a mission it’s always. Sorry for all the whining but it’s really annoying.

Being really annoying, it happens just like last time. I can inject the vial, but i travel back to the badlands and it crashes. If i travel and THEN inject it, nothing drops, and i found this really stupid and i’m at the peak of my sanity right now.


Banned. Guys, if you see posts like this in future, we’d expect a flag, okay?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #994

Wait what? Sorry but what happened? I’m confused… :confused:

I didn’t know that such a thing was such an extreme violation. Then again “terms of service/use” I can understand. I’ll be on the lookout next time, my bad!

(barnes3) #995

so he got "a free trail liked the game " then went and paid for a full version ?


No, he committed software theft and wanted help from the forum owned by the people he stole from.

Really not cool. Check the forum rules. If you have any further comment to make on this, feel free to pm me.


P.M. Please. Post removed.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #999

I see, I’ve noted your point. I’ll flag next time I see this happen. Its also my bad really. People who have normal copies of the game have NO issues installing my custom made content. Should’ve acted faster when I saw him/her/whatever run face-first into all these (to me unknown) issues with my stuff.

Thanks @Psychichazard for helping!


Okay, carry on with the rather amazing stuff, please!

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1001

Aye sir! o7

Once I get that damn Anshin Peony to work y’all be swimming in some very neat new Legendary gravy!


BOOM SUCKAS! New expansion is ready as it’ll ever be. All that’s left is making a promo video like always!

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1002


(Mantrixray) #1003

Well put to together video! Just installed the new files onto my PC and now going to enjoy getting my hand on these new items. Its out for people that are not to sure.