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(Impala) #1004

Of course I had to see this at 11 at night. Meh, why sleep when you can farm.
Cheers! :smiley:

(Sleep Master) #1005

What did I do wrong? D:

(Impala) #1006

The Retreat is awesome!
Still looking for the Flatline, among other stuff I’m interested in.

What does the Vault do?
Does the Escutcheon regenerate grenades? I wish Aegis did.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1007

Glad your enjoying it. The vault opens a link to the bank from the 2nd DLC. You can bank everywhere with that thing. As for the Escutcheon, no it doesn’t.

I’m glad you like the Retreat, it was a dead giveaway that everyone would enjoy it. But don’t spoil it to peeps what it does. ;-p

(Impala) #1008

I think the Infinitum is glitched. The capacity stops at a certain point, not quite sure how much, due to all the bonuses I have with Brick. Maybe at 100% or something.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1009

You’ll have to more specific, I can’t do anything with this feedback.

(Impala) #1010

I kill some enemies, and the capacity increases by 200 I think, but at some point it stops increasing.
I found one with around 3000 capacity, and I kept killing, but the papacity stopped increasing after it reached 6515 (I had the Titan class mod, so the shield itself does not reach 100% bonus capacity by itself).
After I reached 6515 capacity, I kill an enemy, the capacity goes up by 200, but after a few seconds, the bonus is lost, and the capacity drops down to 6515 again.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1011

I’ll look into it but I don’t think there is anything wrong here as the boosts are supposed to be temporal and eventually you’ll stop killing as there are no more enemies. At which point the boosts reside and the normal cap. is regained.

I don’t see the problem I’m easily able to go far past your 6515, I’ve gone up to 8k and beyond. But of course fell down again as there were no more enemies which could sustain that boost.

(FantasticBlackBoy) #1012

Are you planning to create another weapon pack in the future?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1013

Got nothing planned for the immediate future, I would like to commit myself a little more to the 5th DLC as Sleepmaster can’t atm.

(Janchristian12) #1014

where is the gj shield code?

(Shining Moonlight Nova) #1015

Not needed anymore, the Vials are the key to this stuff now. Their codes are found in the OP in varying degrees of despair.

(Some say sic sense) #1016

*remembers his Satanic playthrough attempt*


(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1017

~Remembers @Sleepmaster’s reply to said playthrough.~

~Remembers a certain persons’ reply and commentspree to @Sleepmaster~

~Laughs :joy: so hard and so long that it almost kills him due to dehydration.~

(Anta Baka) #1018

First of all, I would like to thank you and all the people who made this amazing weapons pack possible. I really loved it and it give me a reasons to replaying Borderlands again.

Now, on to some of the items that I would like to express a bit of concern about it, and if I am allowed, to hazard a few suggestions if possible.

Firstly, the Alucard Class Mod by Hyperion. From the OP, the class mod will give an additional +6 points to the following skills; Iron Fist, Endless Rage, Short Fuse, Sting Like a Bee, and Blood Sport. This class mod can be compared to a Berserker Class Mod, manufactured by either Vladof or Tediore from the vanilla game which give a maximum +4 points in only one of the skills and a +3 to the rest; Endless Rage, Heavy Handed, and Blood Sport. It also increase your Melee Damage up to 90%, with either an increase in Bullet Damage Resistant up to 39%, or an increase in Maximum Health up to 56%.

A Berserker oriented build of Brick need to dish out an ample damage and kill his opposition within the short window of Berserk mode, with a help in a damage reduction from his attacker, and a good health and shield to help him withstand all the punishment he received. These allow him to rejuvenate a portion of his health back, and keep him alive long enough during the Berserk mode to pummel another attackers to death.

Since a significantly increased time in Berserk and a massive cooldown reduction of the action skill are not that reliable in justifying damage (although the skills are extremely good in and of themselves), let’s talk about raw damage instead. Also, the 100% base damage from right jab and the 300% base damage from the left hook are omitted.

Alucard Class Mod only allow an increase of a total 126% (66%+60%) of Melee Damage from all his skills, while Berserker Class Mod, with a right component may grant Brick an increase of 228% (90%+30%+108%) of Melee Damage. That is an increase to a little more than 100% of Melee Damage. Furthermore, he can either receive a 39% increase of Bullet Damage Resistant, or an increase in 56% of Maximum Health.

The Alucard Class Mod doesn’t give neither any damage reduction from attackers, nor an increase in maximum health. However, it does give an of health regeneration up to 22% of Brick’s maximum health.

Brick with a Berserker build need a significant amount of increased melee damage since his action skills are not that versatile compared to weapons. It doesn’t make it swing faster, nor reduce the cooldown after each uppercut with leveling, although it does give him an increase in melee damage. It draw all attention, aggro, and bullets to be directed at him which leave him with no cover should he want to engage and charged head-on in Berserked state. Another thing is, it can only be performed at a melee range which severely limit its usefulness, player vision field, and the whereabouts of an hostiles. That being said, a damage reduction from an attacker, or an increase of maximum health and/or a powerful shield will help Brick survival tremendously, more so in a single player.

A +6 points in Blood Sport is a welcoming addition, but it does not matter if Brick could not kill his opponent before he, himself is dead. And a lack of increased melee damage from Alucard Class Mod doesn’t help mitigate this problem either.

Damage reduction from an attacker and/or a boost in health and/or shield will help with Brick’s survival. It increases his Effective Health Point which translate to prolonging Brick’s staying power and this is what the Alucard Class Mod lacks.

An increase of +6 points Sting Like a Bee is not significantly beneficial either. Although it does help him close the gap from a much farther distance, without an additional of increased melee damage, Brick will just pummel his opponent for a much more longer than necessary, than closing the gap between his next opponent and the next. Also, more often than not, this skill with a + additional points in it, can hurl Brick off cliffs should he decide to brawl an opponent near it.

If I can hazard a suggestion; Would you kindly remove Iron Fist and Sting Like a Bee skills, and reintroduce the combination from an increased Melee Damage, Heavy Handed, Bash, or Bullet/All Damage Resistance/Juggernaut.

I do aware of Vladof’s Hellsing Class Mod, and its high Melee Damage output. However, that Mod is much more suited for a multiplayer session and a lack of both Berserk’s increased duration time, and decreased cooldown, meaning it is not suitable for single player session.

What can be conclude from my aforementioned rambling is; Brick’s action skill lost its usefulness significantly on high level, and severely on Playtrough 2 and above. There are also other limiting factor with his action skills such as he can’t reach an inaccessible place being a melee fighter state he is, and he cannot pummel a flying enemies high in the sky. The other character’s action skill doesn’t need them to be up and personal with their aggressor and can utilise their weapons whilst activating their Action Skill (except Lillith, but she can re-position herself with impunity). Maybe, my suggestion is a bit overpowered, however, Brick needs all of the help if his action skill were to be even on a relevant degree as the level and difficulty rises.

Secondly, I don’t know whether you’re aware of this or not but Brick’s Rapid Reload has a bug in it of which instead of reducing weapons recoil, it INCREASES weapons recoil.

So the Dahl’s Deus Ex Machina Class Mod is actual add an increase of weapons recoil up to +66%. Or do the Deus Ex Machina Class Mod already rectify this bug?

Thirdly, whilst your videos is informative and fun to watch, it was long and consume to much time for a simple and short description of what each items do. If it’s not a really a chore and bothersome to you, would you be kindly enough to write a simple and short description pertaining to each items in this pack?

Finally, since I don’t follow the creation of this mods from the beginning, I don’t know what are the stories, themes, and ideas behind each and every items presented within this pack, or the entirety of the pack itself, and therefore, I humbly ask your forgiveness for my lack of information, tactfulness, and grammar.

Best Regards,

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1019


Whoa, speaking of a wall of text! Just kidding mate. You’ve obviously done your homework and you are one of the few people who have given me such an extensive sheet of feedback. I would like to extend my thanks as this kind of feedback is the BEST kind of feedback.

To address your points:

  • Alucard:

You are 100% correct in your analysis of the Alucard and its focus on Berserk/Melee builds. You are correct in comparing it to its closest vanilla counterpart, which is the Berserker COM; said COM was used as a comparison pal for the Alucard.

However, like you said, you are quite new to my custom created content and therefore do not know the nitty-gritty secrets and design stories behind all my items. Which is understandable as no sane person would read back all the history of my Arsenals’ development on both this forum and other places. Rest assured that the Alucard has quite the trick up its sleeve which, unfortunately (or fortunately, whichever you prefer), eliminates your concerns in its capabilities.

Without spoiling to much I’ll just say that ALL my PEARLESCENT COM’s have “hidden” custom made skills. In the Alucards’ case its called the “Blood Destruction” skill. Here’s what you do: Go into Berserk and kill a lot of enemies within consecutive succession (7 seconds max. in between each kill) and watch/experience the magic. Then get up to a total of 15 kills… And… Well… To put it lightly… Have fun?

  • Deus Ex Machina:

Your pointer on the Rapid Reload skill was very interesting indeed I never knew about this. And no haven’t fixed it for said COM. I can fix it for a future update and I’ve taken a note of this in my “what to patch next” file.

  • My videos:

Thanks for watching my videos, much obliged. I understand that the length of my Lets Play is not beneficial for the people who want direct information on my stuff. However I can tell you that (I’ve also stated it in the past) I’m planning to make specific, individual, coverage videos/reviews on them so I guess this will address your need for that “simple and short description pertaining each item.” I’d like to thank you for being a subscriber and I hope you’ll stick around.

All in all this was some very solid feedback with some interesting points. I hope my reply is sufficient in explanation, if you still wish to know more and/or want me to spoil the Alucard just let me know!

Cya around!

(Anta Baka) #1020

I thank you for your time to read and write a satisfying reply to my raised question. Truly I am. I guess I will take your words for it and see it for myself, or farm for it a bit and wide as of now. I rather you spoil the surprise with the new video. In the meantime, I’ll give a go watching Hellsing. A shows that, for no apparent reasons, I still haven’t watch a single episode of it.

By the way, your other weapons are extremely useful and interesting in its way of dealing damage, and with it accompanied by a spectacular graphic effect is nothing short of wonderful sight, if I might say so. Marvelous! A job truly well done! I’m having a blast with them, but alas, chancing a multiplayer session is a bit of an issue of which I do understand why it such a hassle.

Again, thank you for this amazing pack of weapons/shields/COM, and your, and everyone else time, effort, and contribution to this mod. Hopefully, we will hear the new video soon, and I am here to stay.

Best Regards,

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1021

You are able to play with others using this Custom Content package. You just gotta make sure that EVERYONE whom you are going to play with has the exact same custom made .upk files in the exact same location on their PC (folder wise). All players also need to have the Dr. Zed’s Patch properly installed.

Then its also recommended that everyone participating has at least a few custom made items/weapons from whatever Custom Content that will be used on their person. This to prevent random booting and game crashes.

All in all. Playing with others is possible, its just that you have to prepare for it a little first.



Added a separate DL to a .rar file that, JUST, contains my .upk files.

(Hornet Spy64) #1022

Hi, I’m having some trouble with the mod, so I need help, first, I uninstalled the game for a long time so when I wanted to reinstall it with this mod I found that all my gear dissapears when I get in the game ( from this mod, but from others or the vainilla game it doesn’t happen), so I tried to spawn a loot vial using willow tree but the game just crashes when asking to select a playtrough, Am I doing something wrong?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1023