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(Diablojd521) #1024

I hate registering for forums :stuck_out_tongue: but your content is well worth it. So far I have everything except bloodless, myriad, godspeed and neutrino. Some of the pearls should prolly be bloodless I now have infinite special for Lilith and 1 hit lvl 70 badass tankinstiens on valley of death… Here are a few
.oh thanks a ton for the awesome content.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1025

Thx. Don’t 4get to leave a like on the original post if you enjoyed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


(Diablojd521) #1026

Omfg I accidentally deleted my save file. oh well I have a lot of stuff on my soldier as well.

I saw in your let’s play some drops at Moxie’s. Was that patched out? because I don’t get your drops there or from crawlermax. Valley of death subway is the best for me.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1027

Drops CAN happen on any kill you get, anywhere you are.

(Diablojd521) #1028

Ok so it was just the RNG god mocking me lol

(Jhampton1006) #1029

Im having a problem with the vial i cant get them to level 1 they always are level 48

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1030

Save the vial individually after you’ve edited it in WT, then proceed to save your character as a whole if your done.

(Jhampton1006) #1031

honestly idk what you just said

(Diablojd521) #1032

Go into willow tree and change the level. Click save changes then go to file save. It must be his Dutch accent lol. @jhampton1006

I found out not to use bird of Hermes with four horsemen inside lol. My crappy pic can’t handle it and I crash Everytime.

Oh my god!!!

I hated brick so much I rarely played him. I read your hint about alucard… I won’t ruin it. He is now one of my fav characters. Holy friggin moly!!!

Care to give me a clue what is special about Apollo. I am clueless. @Mr_GJ

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1033

No Dutch accent here. 'T was a proper reply. As for the Apollo, shoot it at a wall/rock and observe.

(Diablojd521) #1034

Was kidding about the accent I thought it was a straightforward answer lol. a lot of projectiles in a weird random pattern? I don’t get it.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1035

They are shaped in a triangle. Aiming either up, down, right or left.

(Diablojd521) #1036

Yea I see that. I just don’t get how that makes it a pearlescent. Unique, yea but what makes it so special it’s pearlescent.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1037

Ummm perhaps the amount of pellets + perfect accuracy due to the pattern equal to vast amounts of damage might explain it?

(Mantrixray) #1038

The Apollo’s accuracy is amazing. Its like shooting 1 projectile but instead 20+ with small % of extra spread, Great gun for short and mid-range with huge amount of damage, I see why its a peralescent.

(Jhampton1006) #1039

Anyone want to multiplayer add me on steam ID:Vadeblade

(Diablojd521) #1040

Thanks for the responses. I am nearly done collecting. I got a crimson one hit today. I just need neutrino and godspeed then I’ll start grinding my life away to get bloodless. Lol
I See the one hits potential but since most of my good snipers 1 hit anyway I am sad I didn’t find it sooner. Still very nice rifle.

I’d love to team up. I haven’t done coop since GameSpy went down. I can’t right now cause I’m having issues with my NIC card. I can only log on here with my phone till next week :frowning:

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1041


(Mantrixray) #1042

Teaming up is always fun, haven’t done that since the last time i played the xbox 360 version on the xbox one with a few console buddys around last year, I assume alot of us are alone on the PC version since the game is 7 years old and it gets hard to find people to play with, good to see you’re almost finished with the collection aswell.

(Mantrixray) #1043

There is a few of us that could get together and play, Obviously as long as you run with custom gear and not get affected with custom gear getting lost then im happy to hang out with who ever. My time zone would be horrible for you guys so not sure how it will work out.