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(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1044

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Find out! Soon…

(Sleep Master) #1045

If you take closer look at his tophat you will notice its obviously Grave Digger from Borderlands 2 :wink:

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1046

Totally not an import from Borderlands…

(Wubeditionx7) #1047

Hey Mr GJ or anyone who has exprimented with this do you know if your weapons can drop from cramwerax or from lance chests or regular chests?

(Some say sic sense) #1048

No. They only drop from enemies after applying the vial.

(Wubeditionx7) #1049

Ok thanks for the reply and does cramerax count as one of the enemies or not.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1050

Yes he does. But just remember its a max. of 1 per enemy, even him.


Remember EVERYONE that me @HandsomeJackBoy, @SleepMaster and @XSpider have our own Borderlands Community Discord. Its for all lovers of the BL franchise, with BL1 in particular. You don’t need love for BL1 Custom Content to join. We got peeps of all colours! :smiley:

(Goat Stealer) #1051

Will this continue to be worked on? You did such an amazing job that I probably shouldn’t be asking that, but I’m also eager to see what else you’d have in store as far as additions go. I’d especially love to see a Pearlescent Torgue Support MG or a Legendary Atlas MG.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1052

That’s a definitive maybe. Seeing as I and @SleepMaster have our hands full with the 5th DLC atm.


Thx, @HandsomeJackBoy.

(daffarahardian29) #1053

Im having trouble with the mods, when i installed it, the gun don’t show up in my inventory, why is that?

(Some say sic sense) #1054

You don’t get the guns immediately. You have to use WillowTree to put vials in your inventory - the codes are in the post. Then use one and all enemies killed will have a chance to drop the custom weapons, the chances vary depending on the vial.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1055

50.0k views. Feelin’ pretty smug here. :smiley: THX EVERYONE!

(Blohastik) #1056

Well, you deserve it, without doubt.

By the way, I got two (presumably stupid) questions.

  1. Your class mods give +6 to certain skills. Does it really mean +6 even with maxed skill (e.g. will I get +132% to health with lv.5 Hardened and Alexander Anderson mod)?
  2. Could you please replace (when you feel like it) +6 to Sting Like a Bee on Alucard with any other bonus (+6 to Heavy Handed would be the best option of course, but could be OP) or just remove it to avoid suicide by falling from cliffs? (Sorry for bothering you and don’t know if you already did that, I found this mod just once, in older version of TDW pack, and with Siren, but now I want to release my inner beast and finally try the true and final berserk build). With +6 it would be a 28 feet jump even with 1 point invested which could (I think) easily kill Brick in Krom Canyon and Promontory.

(Some say sic sense) #1057

I can answer the first question: Yes, it works with maxed skills, just like vanilla class mods.

(Blohastik) #1058

Thanks, this is good to know. I always thought that for some reason skills are hard-capped 9 in BL.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1059

Alucard will not be changed. I prefer it with the Bee skill as it works really well with the Alucards’ unique skill.

(Blohastik) #1060

OK, we’ll see how it will turn out. I, too, like to live dangeously! :sunglasses:


Hey does any body else get this when using the vials?

I Willow’d in a level 3 mediocre vial to see what the deal is and sho’ nuff, I started to get level 3 GJ loot from everything. However, I hit level 8 and I thought I’d go into Willow and update the vial to level 8 as well. I used the level 8 vial but I’m still getting level 3 drops. This has continued to level 15 with the vial to match yet I’m still getting level 3 drops. Help?

(Angry Crux Azure Unit) #1062

I want to say the level of the item is determined by the area same as regular loot and that it must be a drop as opposed to loot from a chest or skag pile.

(Some say sic sense) #1063

See above, also - you don’t need to change the level of the vials. The only thing that changes is whether you can use it or not.