Mr. GJ's Weapons/Items Arsenal - Latest Revision: 29/04/2018

(Ninjafrog4755) #1084

Hey everyone I’m new here… I’m having trouble with the vials. I try to put one in my game with willowtree and when I load the game up and click on my character the game freezes. Is there anything I can do?

(Ajzolocsik) #1085

How long does it stay frozen for? The first time I used this mod it froze before loading a character. After waiting for a short time the game loaded.

(Ninjafrog4755) #1086

Its working now thank you… I wasn’t waiting long enough

(Some say sic sense) #1087

Yeah, it happens with most custom content. The game has to load the .upk’s, and takes more time to do that the first time around. You just gotta wait. And sometimes, if your game crashes while trying to load a save with custom content on, just try again, it’ll work eventually.


How do I find/enter the custom dlcs, how many are there. I have oasis instaled and working.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1089

Look around the “Borderlands Fan Creations” forums, there are some topics which’ll answer these questions.

(Ajzolocsik) #1090

Go to There is a link to a zip archive that contains many of the borderlands 1 mods.

(Ninjafrog4755) #1091

is there like a best place to farm for these weapons?

(Some say sic sense) #1092

Anywhere in the Zombie Island works. Drop rates are the same for every enemy in the game, ut the 1st DLC has a LOT of cannon fodder everywhere.

(Ninjafrog4755) #1093

thank you

(Chenry6903) #1094

So, I’ve tried everything to get this pack to work, I followed the tutorial exactly, did everything the way it said. When I tried to put the shield into willowtree, I pasted it from clipboard and saved on weapon parts and to my Lilith but the shield isn’t there when I load the game. Someone please help me, thanks!

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1095

^ To quote someone. :smiley:

(Chenry6903) #1096

I used the installer at the top, I should have the right files. Thanks :smiley:

( #1097

how many weapons/items are in this custom dlc?

(Ajzolocsik) #1098

All of the weapons/items are shown in the first post.

(Some say sic sense) #1099

If you want a rough approximation, I think there is around 120-130.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1100


(Some say sic sense) #1101


(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1102

Will have a video on this soon, don’t get to excited just yet:


Sooooooo… New update y’all! Dig in! :smiley:



  • Various small changes/tweaks to both weapons/items/Myriads.
  • Minor amount of typo’s fixed.


  • Myriad Commander, Sir Saelt has been added to the mix. NOTE: Currently uses placeholder dialoge by Nine-Toes; will be updated with actual VA in the future.
  • Myriad Marshal, Master McSleep has been upscaled to eaqual GJ’s size.
  • All Myriad Commanders have about equal height.
  • HJB Scorpio supplydrop provides more ammo.
  • Myriad animation fixes accross the board.
  • Some dialoge types have been made more inconsistent to prevent dialoge spam and annoyance.
  • All Myriad footplacements have been made more accurate and consistent.
  • Fixed Myriad Ai-combat break time.
  • Fixed Myriad grenade throwing bug. Myriads now throw their 'nades properly.
  • Various addative actorcomponents have been rescaled and tightfitted.
  • All named Myraids & Myraid Elites’ HP pool and Exp. pool re-scaled conform my Elite > Commader > Marshal > Grand Marshal; design scheme.
  • Myriad Elites spawnrate increased from 5 to 7.5%.


  • Torgue Criminal re-balanced. Less ridiculous. (RoF = lower / Proj. Speed boost = ½ of initial / Main Dmg. = lower / Knockb. effect = ½ of initial)


  • Rebalanced Dahl Mercenary, less ridiculous. All hostile debuffs now lowered from -5000% to -1000%. Player buffs lowered from +500% to +250%.


  • Slightly nerfed Garrison main dmg.


  • Slightly nerfed Bleed impact dmg. to shields and nerfed Bleed impact dmg. to armour.


  • Increased duration of individual skill buff of Infinitum by 1 second. Gave it a small active shield regen that lasts as long as the skill is active.


  • Flatline HP buff reduced to 500%.

Procyon & Rip van Winkle:

  • Tweaked Procyon and Rip van Winkle lootpools.


  • Tweaked Thundercloud skin to be more Thundercloudish.
  • Slightly increased Thundercloud main damage by 2.5%.

Black Hole:

  • Increased Black Hole main damage by 10%.


  • Fixed Oneshot Tracer, if unaltered by bullet velocity enhance/slowing she now spawns from the muzzle.
  • Fixed bug in Oneshot where sometimes the bullets don’t go where you aim but stray off in a random direction.
  • Increased Oneshot projectile speed from 60000 clicks to 100000 clicks.

Godspeed & Retreat:

  • Buffed Godspeed/Retreat with a slight boost in foot/sprint speed | drive/boost speed respectively.
  • Changed Retreat FoV when boosting from 105 to 110.


  • Reduced Orchid auto heal by 75%.

Alexander Anderson:

  • Reduced Alexander Anderson auto heal when hit by 50%.
  • Removed Alexander Anderson resistance buffs when hit.
  • Reduced Alexander Anderson auto heal when shield depleted by 50%.
  • Reduced Alexander Anderson auto heal by 50%.
  • Reduced Skill timer on Alexander Anderson’s auto heal when hit from 6sec. to 3sec.
  • Fixed RecurringSkillLoop on the Alexander Anderson, it doesn’t hyper heal anymore.


  • Reduced Aegis auto heal by 75%.


  • Removed Obliterators’ accuracy buff. Was 30% over normal Mashers. Accuracy. Is now 10% better then normal Mashers.
  • Made Obliterators’ damage debuff equal to normal mashers -200% instead of its previous -180%.


  • Killswitch got 10% more damage.
  • Killswitch probability is now 1% instead of 5%.


  • Lowered Crunchers’ overall damage by 10%.


  • Eject power enhanced, should work better now.


  • Boosted their damage by a x2 factor, cuz just being OP is soooo~ 2009.

New video’s on this stuff:

New Myriad Commander:

(Matīss Lociks) #1103

I’m confused about one thing. Did I completely miss new arsenal updade which was supposed to add many legendary shields?

Anyway, installed the new update, continuing my “*brutal” playthrough. Found this yesterday:

Made a lot of runs, no other drops however. It’s a weird feeling that the only item I found was this pearl, because after this long break from playing the game I’ve lost sense for how rare the items are supposed to be. This so far is my third pearl through entire playthrough, yet it haven’t sunk in that it’s an incredibly rare drop I got.

p.s. I found it very useful for taking out Tankensteins. Don’t have a fire weapon and Dead Man’s Tale takes a lot of bullets to kill them, so it’s a pretty useful find for me and my zombie runs.