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(Some say sic sense) #1124

As a rule of thumb, it gets shorter each time

(Corporal.Lance) #1125

Hard to find in forums, but how do i get the shields? if they drop, from which vial?

(Some say sic sense) #1126

Same as everything else, just kill stuff and hope for ther best

(Corporal.Lance) #1127

Okay, drop rates are pretty dope. Got 2 mariads from craw… both the same (sticky) but eh, i got 2 :smile:

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1128

I have officially commenced construction on the 6th expansion and the 1st two names are up (granted one is possibly temporal). :smiley:

(Bam) #1129

I just want to say a huge thank you, Mr GJ! for creating some awesome content and i look forward to seeing more of it :wink:

(Some say sic sense) #1130

I got one idea for a pearl:

Dahl Grizzly
You just pissed off Mama Bear

Grants teammates ammo regen when their shields are up, and a general offensive boost when they’re down. As for gun type, I don’t know what it could be. Maybe a rocket launcher for some AoE Cauterize heals with Roland?

(Fartshit-mov) #1131

For the Jakobs peral, I was thinking of something like the vulcan fury, but being a sniper rifle instead of a combat rifle, kind of an anti-material rifle. If not that, similar to the black hole and nebula rain, I was thinking of a kind of ‘Holy’ dot or debuff being applied to enemies with a weapon, probably with some sort of symbolic name with it (Probably not for Jakobs, as they don’t really do elements). Maybe an oil debuff, making enemies more susceptible to fire damage than they are with corrosive, and possibly igniting them with explosives.

(rolee9309) #1132

A Torgue pearlescent rocket launcher.

Name: Eradicator
Red text: Here comes the Sun!

It’s a reference to a Red alert 2 Mental omega’s infantry, the Eradicator.
It shoots a horizontally waving beam, which deals radiation damage, and you deal continuous radiation damage to nearby enemies, while holding the weapon. The weapon is black coloured with some orange parts, and a radiation icon on it. (And if it’s possible, when you shoot, it has a sound like in the original red alert 2 game.)

And yeah, the radiation would be a new element! It takes a low amount of damage/tick, but lasts until the enemy dies, and has no damage buff (or other) effect, and no damage multipliers on flesh/shield/armor. And its color is orange. :smiley:

(Nap04) #1133

I’m new to modding Borderlands, and didn’t see mention anywhere if these items will drop in game, or if you need to willowtree them into your inventory? Thanks in advance.

(Ajzolocsik) #1134

You need to willowtree in one of the loot vials shown in the first post. Then equip it in game. Each one gives a chance of an item dropping each time you kill an enemy. Mediocre drops the most often to godless that has the lowest chance for an enemy to drop an item.

(Poppalatte) #1135

Can you reply with the code please?

(Poppalatte) #1136

Nvm found it but how do i change the level

(Poppalatte) #1137

Ok well I used the vial but I havnt seen any guns help?

(Some say sic sense) #1138

What vial are you using? You just have to kill enemies and hope you get guns from them. Chances are different for each vial.

(Poppalatte) #1139

Im using the mediocre Vial and I still havnt got anything i changed my level to 48 to use the vial then changed it back and i still havnt got anything. Should i give myself the shield from ? (Aka this code The_Dust_Wastes_3PDLC.Custom_Items.Gearbox_Grimmjow

(Poppalatte) #1140

Nvm its working now

(Poppalatte) #1141

But my char level is at 50 and thats the only way its working

(Some say sic sense) #1142

It’s purely luck-based. You must’ve had a bad streak at the start. Also, you can change the vial’s level instead, it will not affect the loot level (that depends on where you are in the game).

(Poppalatte) #1143

Maybe nut ive found 2 shields 1 class mod (for hunter im using siren) and 2 F*CKING ROCKET LAUNCHERS … yay