Mr. GJ's Weapons/Items Arsenal - Latest Revision: 29/04/2018

(Poppalatte) #1144

So if I save and quit do i have to reuse the vial?

(Some say sic sense) #1145

Yes, each time you start the game you have to re-use it and you’re fine for the rest of your session

(Poppalatte) #1146

So basicly each time i start the game I have to use it then for the rest of the time im fine? ( by that i mean I close borderlands then I Open it I have to use it each time I do that)

(Fartshit-mov) #1147

No, by every start of a game, he means that you have to use it every time you load a character, even if the .exe never closed.

(Poppalatte) #1148

Okwell how do i decrease the level of the vial cuz ive tried and it hasnt lowered the level

(Poppalatte) #1149

Wait may have found waht i did wrong

(Poppalatte) #1150

Yea idid Just got a shield that does 5x my health

(Allkiko123) #1151

Two months of Godless, one Dandyman class mod from a Sera Guardian. I’m determined to get a Godless Bloodless, though.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1152

You sir, are a badass.

(Allkiko123) #1153

Leak me the drop rates so I can torture myself more.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1154

Whoa there. 2masochistic4me.

(Impala) #1155

Great news! :smiley:
Do you want suggestions from us?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1156

Yep. Won’t promise anything, but shoot.

(Impala) #1157

The thing I want most of all is a shotgun with explosive. Like the Wildfire you made, which is probably my favorite weapon of all, but with just explosive.
No other effects or gimmicks. No reduced projectile velocity and all that stuff. Just a nice, explosive shotgun. Strong, accurate, and maybe Torgue?

Second, an Atlas shotgun with transfusion, to compliment the Kyros Power and Ares. A shotgun with tranfusion makes sense.

I did have some ideas.

I have an army.

• Jakobs grenade mod.
• Consumes three grenades.
• Throwing a grenade spawns a Badass Tankenstein.

I love a parade.

• Atlas shotgun.
• Increased magazine capacity and reload speed.
• Transfusion effect.
• Can spawn with any element. Huge tech pool.

We are not a taxi service.

Jakobs masher revolver.
While equipped:

• +50% movement speed
• +100% jump height
• +20000% knockback

Where are my testicles, Summer?

• Atlas sniper rifle.
• 100% accuracy, increased damage.
• Can spawn with any element. Huge tech pool.
• When ADS and receive hit, no accuracy loss.

The way it’s meant to be plagued.

-Maliwan sniper rifle.
-Always spawns as corrosive elemental.
-Increased damage and tech pool.

I ate it all.
-Maliwan combat shotgun.
-Carnage barrel only.
-Always explosive.
-Increased accuracy and projectile velocity.
-Decreased magazine size.

(Demonasius) #1158

Will these drop in custom maps?

(Some say sic sense) #1159

They’ll drop from any enemy, anywhere

(Justinduong) #1161

Hey, is this mod multiplayer friendly? Would like to try this out with a friend.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1162


Make sure you both have all the .upk’s in the exact same folder at the exact same revision date. Also having a piece of my gear on both of your characters helps. Preferably start a match from a lobby, not from one being in a game already. Its kinda a hassle, but it works.

(Impala) #1163

Dungeon Buster
I reject your reality and substitute my own.

• Torgue shotgun.
• Always explosive.
• Taking damage increases your damage and movement speed by 15%. The effect stacks up to + 300%

Talk amongst yourselves.

• Tediore grenade mod.
• Longbow sticky MIRV
• Slowly regenerates ammo, grenades, health and action skill meter.

It puts the lotion in the basket.

• Vladof sniper rifle.
• Enemies that turn hostile receive a movement speed penalty of 50%

(scythedragon75) #1164

If I had a PC of my own how long will it take to make a modded gun of my own image?