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(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1165

Well making a gun isn’t all too hard. It depends how complex your “image” is. You can make it as easy or as hard as you want.
However I strongly advice against doing complex weapons right from the get go, as UE3 is a complex tool that requires some serious learning and long time to master.
I can’t give time estimates as I’ve come to the point of full mastery and I just can’t judge for beginners. All I can say is don’t think/act too grandeur as it will make you lose focus and vigour to complete your creation as many have come before you who ran straight into this wall, as things within UE3 need time, you need time, etc.

(FantasticBlackBoy) #1167

Hello, i have an insane idea for shotgun, but it will be really cool, if you can make this gun ^^

AA-12 or AA-12
(at your discretion)

  • Dahl (or Atlas) shotgun, looks like a real AA-12 shotgun with sand or black texture (round magazine, assault rifle barrel or something similar)
  • High accuracy, 5 or 7 projectile count, non elemental and explosive versions, tech pool like a ogre. (explosive version have a projectiles like a Hand Cannon weapon)
  • 20 magazine size, attack speed - 3 shots per 1.2 seconds.

(Some say sic sense) #1168

Soooo… a Bulldog with good parts?

(Hjackiller) #1169

a vladof rifle that has low base damage and super high accuracy that when you get a crit base damage gets buffed by 10% and then accuracy gets dropped 2% and its like a stack effect and it cancels when you reload but the weapon itself has a 50 round mag (it’s my first weapon idea so its probably not super good :p)

(Impala) #1170

Quack, damn you.

• Dahl assault shotgun.
• Pellets ricochet off surfaces with 50% chance of hitting an enemy.

By a long shot.

• Atlas sniper rifle.
• Increased weapon zoom.
• +20% damage and 10% critical damage for every unaware enemy you kill. Stacks up to 1000% and 500% respectively.

Critical Hit
Well, there’s your problem.

• Hyperion shotgun.
• Shoots one projectile with 100% accuracy.
• Massive recoil reduction.

(puxxado17) #1171

I have an idea of a pearl weapon but idk if you gona like it but here it goes

Name of the gun: “Halibel”
(can be a tediore weapon just because i like it a lot xD)

Red tex: “With the bite of a shark, a dragon of ice shall sink beneath the waves.”

Descripcion: Shots slow moving projectiles that have the color blue ( or you can make them appear as water ), that will deal damage to nearby enemies and slowing in the process.
I´ll like to see at least the name or the red text on one of your guns it will be cool. Keep the good work man!!

(Borderhalofreak) #1172

How do you WillowTree in the vial? I’ve ran the installer and it appears that all the files were installed, made sure to delete the nv-whatever.dll, but in WillowTree there is no options for the The_Dust_Wastes_3PDLC etc. Does not appear in WillowTree. Does WillowTree need to be saved in a certain place to read the Dust Wastes files? I wouldn’t think so, but any help would be appreciated.

(Fartshit-mov) #1173

You need to import the vials into your inventory via clipboard. The codes are at the beginning of the thread, and you can decide which one you want there. Then, change the amount if you want, and be sure to set the level of the vials at or below the character’s level, then save changes to the item. Then you can save the file, and the vials will be in your inventory.

(Borderhalofreak) #1174

I see where the vial codes are, but if I copy them into the weapons area of WillowTree, it says they aren’t valid; it only lets me put it in the items area. So I tried that, and whenever I tried launching that character, the entire game froze. I know its a problem with that character (and as such, most likely item) as all my other ones launch normally.

(Fartshit-mov) #1175

Did the game freeze? Or was it just taking a really long time to load after spawning? That tends to happen on the first load of a character with the vial? It took me a few minutes to load my first time.

(Borderhalofreak) #1176

As soon as I clicked on my character with it, the game froze on the character select screen. It showed no animation of spawning, wasnt laggy, it just froze. After about a minute of waiting I opened up Task Manager and it said the game wasn’t responding.

(Fartshit-mov) #1177

I don’t believe I can help you there, sorry.

(Some say sic sense) #1178

How many vials did you give your character? The game sometimes slows down if there are too many. The default value is 100, try cutting down to 10.

Also, all Borderlands mods tend to take a while to load for the first time. Keep trying until it works, it should get shorter each time.

(scythedragon75) #1179

Hey I have a dream wish tablet IAM getting later this month an IAM gunna
try make a custom hybrid from scratch on a 3d skedcthing website an hope
for the best lol

(Nothingm8101) #1180

Can anyone help me. I’ve used the borderlands editor on the steam version of the game for a couple of days now, no problem until yesterday. The editor won’t run. It just starts up the normal game as if I’m launching it through steam. Bought the game with the steam sale on steam them come to find out that Mr_GJ said the steam version is unstable and won’t work as good as a physical copy of the game would. So I don’t know if I should buy the physical version of the game or if I should try to troubleshoot.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1181

Don’t bother with troubleshooting the Steam version is unstable as all heck.

(Nothingm8101) #1182

Oh ok. Do you know where I can buy a good copy of the physical GOTY version?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1183


(Apuci) #1184

Hi! My problem is, that I can’t install the mod pack. When i click on the finish button the cmd window jumps in and every file is failed. I have a steam version of the game. Im on win 10. What can i do or what is the problem? ( If i made some language mistakes sorry for them, English is not my mother tongue. )

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1185

Have you tried running the cmd as an admin?