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(Apuci) #1186

If it’s the win7_fix yes I did. I did everything like in the video but if in the game I open my inventory the drog-injector is not here . I don’t know it must be there or you patched it? I saw the first gameplay video from HandsomeJackBoy and he had that injector.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1187

Have you picked a vial to use and implemented it with WillowTree? The vial codes to choose from are listed at the top of this thread.

(Jbo1994) #1188

I am new to using custom content for BL, and I’m a little confused about how the looting for this pack works. I’m seeing talks of “vials” and equipping them via WillowTree - does that mean that the custom loot doesn’t drop from enemies normally? Asking because I didn’t see much info on that procedure in the OP.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1189

One uses the program WillowTree to insert the vial code of choice into their inventory (save editing). Then within the game you equip the vial once (note that if the quantity setting is higher then 1; in the vial code provided its 100, the vial will not disappear… Yet; gotta run all 100 down b4 that happens). Then all you have to do is kill folks.

(Jbo1994) #1190

Gotcha. Another question: do I need to install the zed’s patch thing? Or will the pack work correctly without it?

(Caleb de Boer) #1191

Yes, the zed patch is required to run any sort of mod for bl

(Some say sic sense) #1192

I have question and an idea:

When the 5th DLC gets released, will the weapons from your packs drop in the DLC or will we have to still use your vials, or maybe some combination of both? I think it would be nice to get some unique items from bosses and quests, or hell, even make Ug-Thak guaranteed to drop 1-2 from the arsenal. Then again, it somewhat negates the rarity of the vial you picked - so if you were playing on Godless and haven’t seen a single gun yet, you’d suddenly be drowning in them.

And the idea: what about droppable consummables, like Insta-Healths or Lance Power Cores from the Secret Armory? They could spice things up a bit, but I also feel like they’d be too gimmicky, and I have no idea how difficult they would be to program into the game proper. What do you think?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1193

Both mine and Sleeps’ stuff will be available via world drops, etc when the DLC comes out. Ug also has a high chance of dropping our ■■■■. This was planned from the get go. As for the Power Core idea. That’s a no-go as they have no business being there in the first place.

(Some say sic sense) #1194

My bad, should’ve phrased that better: I meant to ask about custom consumables, unique to the DLC or item packs. But I suppose that’d be a no-go either way.

(Apuci) #1195

Okay guys… I really want to play the game but my English knowledge is very poor. For exaple i don’t know what is vial >.< so now i’ll write down everything what i can tell you. I used Willow Tree once about a half year ago. At this time i had a pirated version of Borderlands. I tried to install the mod pack to the pirated version because why not? :smiley: i really wanted to play with the mod. But i culdn’t play, so I decided to buy the the original game. Two weeks ago i bught it on g2a, i hope it’s not a problem. Now i unistalld Willow tree but the pack is still not working. Sorry guys again for my bad English :confounded:.

(Jbo1994) #1196

Open WillowTree#
Load your save file
Go to the “Items” tab
Click "New Item"
Copy one of the vial codes from the main post
Select the (New Item) from the list, click “Import” -> "from clipboard"
Set the level slider to 1
Click “Save Changes”
“File” -> "Save"
Then all you should have to do is equip it from your backpack. The codes provided in the main post set the “quantity” to 100, so it won’t disappear from your inventory after you use it, and from my understanding (tell me if I’m wrong) you only have to use it once, even across multiple sessions.

Also, another question - I’ve watched some of the videos on the let’s plays, but I heard no talk about this. Can the custom loot only be dropped from enemies, i.e. it can’t be found in any chests?

(Apuci) #1197

Okay I did this WillowTree and vial code combo but now my game is crashes when i want to load my character.

(Some say sic sense) #1198

It can only drop from enemies, chests spawn vanilla loot.

(Some say sic sense) #1199

The crashes are normal - Borderlands has problems loading mods the first time arounnd. Just keep trying and it’ll work eventually. You can try reducing the quantity of the vials if your game is still sluggish afterwards.

(Apuci) #1200

And now a skag dropped a modded shield! :slight_smile:. THANK YOU so much! You guys are awesome. And i have to activate the drug injector every time? Because is not disappearing from my inventory. Now i can get modded stuff from enemies but all of them are on level 3. It’s a problem? :open_mouth:

(Some say sic sense) #1201

You have to activate it every time you load the character and it’ll work until you quit to the main menu. The items scale to the area you’re in - you will get higher level items as you progress through the game.

Glad you’re enjoying the mod. Have fun!

(Apuci) #1202

Ohh I see! Thank you for your help and keep up the good work!

(Jonbellamy31) #1203

when will the 5th dlc come out gj?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1204

Not the right forum topic to ask this question. But to answer, we simply don’t know. We hope in the next year or two.

(Jonbellamy31) #1205

sorry about that