Mr. GJ's Weapons/Items Arsenal - Latest Revision: 29/04/2018

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1206

Its alright.

(VeteranPlayer34) #1207

Hi, first of all thanks for putting all that effort in this mod its really a great mod.

im having problems with the mod i did everything right , install it, add the vial in the game with WT, everything work great (except for the screen freeze that i get in the first time i select my save to play with the vials, but still its working i joined my game properly and used the injector) when i use the injector it works but i do not see any custom drop of the mod i even try to use the mediocre vial, i played a lot and no drops, the mediocre should have a pretty high chance to drop, but still i did not see any item, any sugestion to fix? also the fix that the we need to exec “win7_fix” it says all the file failed ( i think its my computer problem not the mod) Any sugestion? Oh and sorry for my bad spelling english its not my main language.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1208

So you are able to access the game and see the vials in your inventory? And when you select on it triggers a “click” noise? Because she should work from that point.

Not only that, but every vial, even the Medi, is subject to RNG. You can literally go a day or more without seeing anything drop, even when you were using the Medi vial. I think its just back luck tbh.

(Sleep Master) #1209

I ve made Eridian Artifacts what behave like Insta Health, Insta Shield, Insta Skill Recharge etc. Maybe they could be dropped sometimes from Badasses or they could find their place in arena map. I dunno yet.

(VeteranPlayer34) #1210

Yes, i am able to see the vials and hear the “click” noise i think it just my bad luck lol, thanks for the help

It worked! finaly, i keep playing and get lots of custom gear i come here again to get severe vial so i can get the bloodless weapons, it was just my impatience to see if the mod works or not.

(Jonbellamy31) #1211

How rare are the bloodless rarity gunz

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1212

Hyper rare. Chances of you finding one are about 0.

(Jonbellamy14) #1213

Really that rare

(Free Hugs!) #1214

So, 30 hours into farming a Schrodinger class mod, so far none have dropped. Is it currently broken, or am I currently super unlucky?

Also, have you ever considered making a weapon that heals allies when you shoot them?
Would that be possible or are the possibilities too limited to make it work?
Thanks in advance, love your mod. :heart_eyes:

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1215

1.: You’re unlucky.

2.: Such a gun is already in there. Keep searching. :wink:

(Corporal.Lance) #1216

(don’t know if this has been asked way up above but) how does one obtain the shield “HARMONIOUS GRIMMJOW”? If it has to be dropped, would it be from any vial but the 2 first ones?

(Some say sic sense) #1217

The shields are a relic from a loooooong time ago, before vials came to be. Back then you equipped the shield to get loot to spawn, they have been removed since then. Just use the vials and you’re good to go.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1218

I still blame @HandsomeJackBoy for getting peeps confused with the GJ shield due to his stupid video guide on it.

(Corporal.Lance) #1219

Thanks man :smiley: i have to farm for all my goodies again because they got removed from my character XDD this is gonna be fun

(Some say sic sense) #1220

Protip: make backup saves from time to time. Saved my ass a couple times.

(Corporal.Lance) #1221

Sorry for asking something again, but my game keeps crashing. It started yesterday, i don’t know why. when i am farming on the underdome it crashes after the 2-3rd wave. I do not have nvcpl.dll in my binaries but still crashes. It isn’t my steam because i can play other games for longer than 6 minutes. Would i have to delete everything that has to do with TDW then re-install it?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1222

Have you tried running the UD on the lowest settings? UD is kinda unstable when it comes to screenclutter. Might I suggest killing as many enemies as you can with either a corrosive or fire weapon. This way they don’t leave dead bodies in their wake.

(Corporal.Lance) #1223

I’ll try this now :slight_smile: Thanks man. I usually just use a grenade launcher (which i guess makes for of a mess as their body parts go everywhere). Whats UD? Is that in that in the settings of the game?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1224

UD - Underdome - (U)nder(D)ome.

(Mwdathos) #1225

Yeah, I was totally psyched when he changed it to vials since before if you used his other shields you couldn’t get any of his loot, I was going to suggest that all his shields in his gear pack have the looting affect innately but his idea of just making a vial was infinitely better.