Mr. GJ's Weapons/Items Arsenal - Latest Revision: 29/04/2018

(Impala) #1226

Look who I ran into. :slight_smile:

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1227

Nice! :smiley:

(Impala) #1228

I’ve been farming for a Railgun, I had one but do not anymore. It’s the only thing left to find, apart from the bloodless of course.

Thank you once again for the many hours of enjoyment I got out of this game. It’s just fun to farm, kill things and see that nice cyan or orange rod fall slowly along with the bodyparts.

I had a few more thoughts for weapons, seeing as you’re brainstorming for the upcoming pack.

Leave this to me.

Jakobs shotgun.

  • +10000 knockback
  • Blade attachment with 750% melee damage (the revolver blade if possible).

Second Act
Cry me a river.

Atlas assault shotgun.

  • Always explosive.
  • Transfusion effect.

Limbo anyone?

Dahl sniper rifle

  • Bodyshots have 75% chance to daze.

Crimson Viper
There is no way out.

Hyperion heavy machine gun.

  • 100% accuracy, with no recoil.
  • +150% critical hit damage.

Handle with care.

Maliwan heavy machine gun.

  • Shock only.
  • Large tech pool.


Vladof combat shotgun

  • +100% jump hight.
  • +50% movement speed.

(Impala) #1229


Just a flesh wound.

Pangolin semi-automatic sniper rifle.
Olive green with black accents.

  • Kill skill: Restores 20% shield capacity.

Maybe too close.

Pangolin combat shotgun.

  • +25% movement speed.
  • +30% damage reduction.

Expand our product line you say?

Pangolin SMG
Based on Dahl stats.

  • +50% shield capacity.

Embrace it.

Pangolin revolver
Based on Maliwan stats.

  • Negates shield recharge delay.

You heard me.

Pangolin heavy machine gun.

  • Enemies who are hit are unable to move for a limited time (like the Defiler zombie goo).

(Impala) #1230


That’s my thing.

Anshin combat shotgun.
Based on Atlas stats.

  • Transfusion effect.
  • Always explosive, with large tech pool.
  • Slowly regenerates health.

Cross my heart and hope to die.

Anshin combat rifle.
Based on Hyperion stats.

  • Slowly regenerates health.
  • Increased team health regeneration when hit.

Take my hand.

Anshin sniper rifle.
Based on Hyperion stats.

  • Kill skill: +8% health capacity. Stacks up to whatever is not too much.
  • Slowly regenerates health.

I can see right through you.

Anshin SMG.
Based on Dahl stats.

  • Bullets penetrate shields.
  • Slowly regenerates health.


Anshin revolver
Based on Maliwan stats.

  • Shock only.
  • Two projectiles.
  • Team shield regeneration during inflicted DOT effect.
  • Slowly regenerates health.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1231

Just realised this topic passed the 70K mark by 1K. Holy yaksack you guys are the best! :+1:

(Mwdathos) #1232

You guys deserve it. You guys are the only people actually keeping borderlands alive. It’s not like gearbox is doing anything with it.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1234

Hey there everyone, note that the ToS surrounding the usage of this pack has been altered. Due to recent violations on my ToS outside of the GBX forums I had to take more drastic measures to ensure the safety of my work throughout the years.

Although its painful that I have to do this, I feel as if its most necessary to convey to even the densest of people surfing the internet that its NOT appreciated when you mess with my creative property without my explicit permission.

This ToS is in effect as of now.

(Yeti Bird) #1235

If it is all right with The Gun Smith Himself, I would like to write a series of small reviews on some of the various guns I have found. ahem

Vladof Kovrov:
Essentially what the Chopper should have been. (It even forces the crappy body_2 to have a decent fire rate)

Tediore Reassurance:
Tediore machine guns should have been in the base game to begin with. Nice fast reload speed and a good fire rate. Good emergency ammo regen weapon.

Maliwan Comet:
Great damage and insane elemental effect chance.

Tediore Bastion:
Regens rocket ammo, has a body that the game doesn’t even use. What’s not to like?

Hyperion Annihilator:
Excellent! A Hyperion built machine gun with great accuracy and good damage. Also, Hyperion material looks great on machine guns.

S & S Ophiuchus:
The Atlas Chimera if it were a combat rifle and was made by S & S. 2 Thumbs up!

Hyperion Black Death: (note: I had this gun at one point and lost it when a save file got corrupted)
Hanzo’s scatter arrow on steroids. The trick of aiming the gun at the enemy’s foot and the bullets bouncing into their face actually works. Free criticals!

Vladof Vulcan Fury:
Kinda useless, but fun to screw around with.

Jakob’s Sawed Off:
The ultimate close range killer. It one shot’s just about anything. A nice detail is that in earlier stages of the game (when you don’t have a bunch of mag size bonuses and whatnot), the gun empties its mag in one shot, replicating both triggers being pulled on a real sawed off shotgun

Torgue Abaddon:
Loads better than the Gasher. That’s all I have to say.

Torgue Cruncher
Great for mob like enemies and large crowds. Kinda wish it didn’t chew thru ammo so quick.

Torgue Javelin
Shoots enemy seeking missiles and is stupid op against guardians. loL omg oP Mr Gj pLz NuRf

Maliwan Wildfire:
The fiery offspring of the Maliwan Crux. Also deals explosive damage.

Jakobs Steve:

S & S Equuleus:
S&S revolvers shoulda been in the base game to begin with.

Welp, that’s all I got for now. If this post somehow violates the TOS of your mod, let me know and i’ll take it down

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1236

I don’t see how it would violate?! But yea, thanks for the encouragement. XD

(Yeti Bird) #1237

No probs. I just tend to be a little cautious at times, especially when there’s a big terms of service staring me in the face. Anyway, is there a possibility of you making unique (blue or purple) rarity weapons? Legendaries and pearlescents are great, but what about unique weapons? They seem to be untouched in the modding world.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1238

They’ll probs be done by me and Sleepmaster for the 5th DLC when its time to start making the details like that.

The ToU is just there to protect my arsenal from arsehats which only wish to bring harm to her in the form of ripping ideas, modifying, uploading video material that isn’t approved by me (spoilers and such), etc.

I made it after a recent event where somebody broke my previous ToU and I had to smack the ■■■■ outta him whilst he was trying to read between the lines. This one is more solid and imposing on jaggoffs like that guy.

(Muddy Waters) #1239

I am really enjoying this mod! This opens a lot more crazy options, like even BIGGER extended magazines with Roland, or insane amounts of elemental proccing with Lilith.

Buuuuut…I as much as I am loving this mod - and I really hope I am not nit-picking @-@ - But I find the the five lines only limitation of the weapon cards distracting…at least with the class mods. I wish I could see all the skills and “+XX% potatoes” to them. I don’t mind not knowing actually hidden, un-listed features, that’s fine. I don’t expect to be told of them. I just kinda wish there was just a way to know what the listed bonuses were that are aren’t listed because of an acute lack of entry space (Especially with some stats taking up two lines). I think the Pearlescent ones seem to be clear, but I am not 100% sure if they have any more listed stats.

Could you please list all weapon card listed stats and skills in some place? Like…maybe in the “All Manufacturer Made Content”. Or maybe put’m in a readme?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1240

You can manually ‘up’ the amount of readable itemcard lines by editing a config file and more!

(Muddy Waters) #1241

Oh, thanks! This helps me out so much. I am glad I can see all the listed stats now.

(Impala) #1242

There’s a whole page on that stuff! O_O
Thanks so much!

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1243

In the borderlands community discord server we even have some pre-fab config files with everything in them already.

(Muddy Waters) #1244

I am a bit curious - have you accounted for hybrids? Because I noticed one of my Hammerheads having a Bulldog mag part. Which is super cool. I love the idea of hybrid weapons in this game.

Also: How strong is the Cronos’ time slow/stop effect supposed to be? Because it doesn’t seem to actually slow things down for me. Or it’s just so marginal that I can’t notice it? Oh, I see what it does, never mind.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1245

There are indeed some Hybrids.

(Muddy Waters) #1246

Huh…I am noticing…a really weird animation bug with the Juggernaut. Every time you pump the rifle after shooting, half the blade seems to deform along with the pumping action.

Oh, and…as cool as the sights are for the Chronos are…using them with the Mercenary can…well…it’s very obstructing:

And there seems to be an odd glitch when trying to use the Omega Centari with Dandyman…at least when I last played: I don’t know why, but I could not fully reload my guns. This wasn’t the case of having magazine sizes that are larger than my Storage Deck, but rather every time I reloaded, a single bullet would jump back into my Storage Deck mid-reload, and…well, I could reload over and over. (holy run-on sentence badman).