Mr. GJ's Weapons/Items Arsenal - Latest Revision: 29/04/2018

(Luisferreira2009) #1309

i already have the GOTY version but how do i open the UDK files?

(3lolekmaster) #1311

Thanks Soze and Grimmjow! Time to hunt for them bloodless AND have a lot of fun with all the new guns!

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1312

Pro tip: Don’t hunt the BLSS.

Seriously, you’re just going to tire yourself out. Instead just hunt for my new gear and consider them a bonus. But never, ever specifically aim at them.

(Aaron0000) #1313

Seriously though, Half-Life 4 will come out before you find a Bloodless.

(EdgyNameFromSteam) #1314

Hey Mr Grim, Do you have a direct link to the pearl grimmjow shield that drops all of the dust waste items? Would really appreciate it if you could provide one/

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1315

Please view the main post of this topic and watch the ‘instructions’ videos.

(EdgyNameFromSteam) #1316

I still cant find info on the shield, can I get it or no? I’ve looked through the videos and cant find any info on the shield.

(Caleb de Boer) #1317

The shield no longer exists, you now use Vials. You can get the willowtree codes for the vials near the bottom of the topics main post.