Mr. GJ's Weapons/Items Arsenal - Latest Revision: 29/04/2018

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Awesome, much appreciated guys!

(Haraka) #1331

gl and have fun

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found this today

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(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1334

Seems you don’t run the font reducing .ini file tweak. :thinking:

(Haraka) #1335

cant say i know what that is or even does?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1336

Its makes the fontsize of itemcards smaller.

(AeoN) #1337

Man this weapons are F*****G awesome keep it up bro :+1::+1:

(Haraka) #1338

how do i do this?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1339
  1. Go to where Borderlands is installed and navigate to the following directory:

  2. Find the gd_globals.INT file and BACK IT UP.

  3. Open the gd_globals.INT file with Notepad and find the following line:
    AttributePresentationTranslation="$NUMBER$ $CONSTRAINT$ $DESCRIPTION$"

  4. Replace it with:
    AttributePresentationTranslation=$NUMBER$ $CONSTRAINT$ $DESCRIPTION$
    (You can modify the font size to your liking, so 13 is optional.)

  5. Save and exit.

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(Haraka) #1341

also a ? about the vials… can i use any to farm Bloodless Weapons or is it certain ones? thanks in advance bro…

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1342

You can use any now. Used to be different. However droprates on the BLSS are equal amongst all, which is to say… Barely not. :smiling_imp:

(Haraka) #1343

also how can i tell if i have one droop i mean i have to look through everything i dont want to miss one so i waste time looking for the drop?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1344

Pro tip: Don’t specifically farm for them. You’ll burn yourself out real quick.

As for your question, DW, it’ll be super apparent when one drops. :wink:

(Haraka) #1345

ok i watched HJB video i see now or rather i will hear it… as for farming just for them i dont butt i didnt know what to look for when they drop now i know thanks bro ur the best

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found these last night all in 1 run … what a great time i had… thanks bro

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also found a great place to farm enemies just keep spawning so its working for me!! thanks

Mr. GJ ur the best!!

(Niconico916) #1348

Hello Mr. GJ. Big fan of your loot arsenal and excited to see what comes next. I just had a question about the new update and updated website. I started a new play through and am having a hard time figuring out which vial to use to be able to acquire bloodless gear. They don’t come around too often so I have no idea if I’m using the appropriate one (as I am currently using the HARCORE vial). If you’d be able to reply back that would be amazing.

Secondly, I also have an acute interest in the unofficial Fifth DLC and was curious if there had been any update to it at all?

(Haraka) #1349

i asked the same thing and was told that you can use any vial but Bloodless are very very rare… if you scroll up you will see the same ? i asked him. GL