Mr.Sandmans lame art thread, 100% garunteed first art thread on the forums!

Hello, this thread contains “art”. Enjoy.

My first piece is entitled “Girl wearing Kill Bill costume standing next to guy wearing a Starlord costume who happens to be wearing a Borderlands shirt”

No colour:


My second piece is called “Crawmerax the invincible” and was cominshed by the Son Of Crawmerax in May 2014.

Thought I’d forgotten about this thread? Well I did, then I remembered and decided to post more art. This is called 'Anthropologic Giraffe wearing a suit jacked and green shorts"

I’ll be adding all my forum related Gifs to this thread for easy acess and presevervation of Art.

Starting with “The Opening of the Scared Door”

These next few are my “[INSERT IMPORTANT PERSON’S NAME HERE] looked at me!” gifs. The first one was made during the great Psychichazard drought of 2015, and the others were made for Reddit.

This gif I entitle “Scaring Twister”, I dont remember why I made it…

This is “Me taking a huge poop” and was made becausse I was under the impression I would be made a moderator if I “posted proof”, proof of what was uncertain but JoekGBX replied to a southpark gif so I recreated it.

I have yet to be made a mod…

This one is my oldest gif, entitled “PH’s monicle shatters from frustration of console wars”


Those MS Paint skills are something I’m jealous of.

Good thing you brought this awesome thread along. Gotta love that art

I like your forum avatar, too @Mr_Sandman :smiley:

What’s the etiquette here anyhow? Do people just make their own art threads? Do we have an art dump thread?

Everyone (Including myself) is just making their own.

I like the style - did you ever try Pskopaint’s web site? You can paint via web browser and it’s pretty cool actually.

You can see my digital painting I made on Pskopaint here —> Maxx's Digital Painting & other stuff

added another artwork

Your artwork so good my head explodes every time i see it.

For some reason I cant edit the Original Post anymore, but anyway one thing led to another and JoekGBX said I could be a mod if I posted video proof, I wasnt clear what he wanted video proof of, but he post he repied to contained a gif of Randy Marsh taking the worlds largest poop.

Instead of posting a video of me doing that, I instead drew 12 pictures of a guy who looks like my avatar taking a huuuuuuge dump. Its in the RTT but I’ll imortalise it here


Sometimes you worry me…

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Added all my custom made gifs to the thread.

Im still missing the PH’s Monicle expoding one.

Neither do I… but it was a stupid idea as I switch avatar every five minute

This is gold.


Wasn’t there one with lasers?


I don’t think so…

I like your color art of kb and sl.

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As promised here is my short film

And all the bonus content

Really good art Mr Sadman keep it up i really like it.

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That happened sandyman?
i don’t remember xD

I had to devote less time to this place for a while. For my own sanity.

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