Mr Torgue Granade Mod

Just a though to pop into my head, but who else wants to see a Granade mod that has you tossing granades in the shape of mini Mr Torgue that yell “EXPLOSIONS!” before exploding?



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It should explode into a mushroom cloud of the appropriate element type, that’s in the shape of Mr. Torgue. And this gave me an idea for how to incorporate manufacturer loyalty into items.

For each piece of Torgue gear that is equipped, it produces a mini grenade on contact. You could get 5 of these things going off!


That does sound interesting. :grinning:

The only downside is the devs are likely to screw it up then try to fix it with a patch or “rebalance” it.

But the more I think about it…Gimme, gimme. yes please.
As @BrashSmurf posted. “Shut up and take my money!”
Especially if it’s elemental as @Talzar13 suggests.

I love the concept!