Mr Torque - Good Guy, Villain, Psychopath?

(and yes I know it’s TorGue)

So what do you guys think?

I always took Torque for good-but-crazy until the Clappy DLC but the things he says while witnessing thousands of people explode & burn in Overlook kind of paint him in a new light in my mind.

What do you guys think?

That fire and explosions are cool and that’s why he like it? He did run his own Deathmatch tournament.

As for the Psychopath part, nearly everyone in the BL universe has some sort of socio/psychopathic qualities to them.


Yeah, Claptrap has a skill that literally makes him laugh at enemies who are on fire, I mean really. And Roland expresses a lot more joy while killing than around Lilith.

Those traits you mentioned would be fairly common in the post apocalyptic world of Borderlands. It would be a necessity. Even “heart of gold” Jaime Springs had you murder someone.

As far as Torgue, he was actually pretty enjoyable in TPS. Got tired of him real quick in his DLC.

Everyone in the BL series, if brought to western civilization on Earth, would be sent to maximum security prison, maximum security psyche ward, or outright executed (except for Zer0 and Athena, they would be hired by the government to assassinate people… maybe). I don’t know why we argue about morality so much :p.