MrPeriodical's Legendary Store[Have][Want][Includes Screenshots]

Offering these

Looking for These

  • Faisor(Any)[Anointed]
  • Atom Balm {Snowdrift}
  • Zane Class Mod with 2+ points in Pocket full of Grenades and 30% Grenade
  • Annexed Otchky Bagronk(Fire)
  • Double Pen Overcompensating Blister(Fire)
  • Recurring/Mirv-Tac Hex(Cryo)[Regen Anointment]

PSN: MrPeriodical

I may not check this thread consistently so just message me on PSN with the items you want it goes to my phone. Or message me if you don’t have a GearBox forum account. Or go ahead and message me if you really really want something and don’t have anything I want.

Note I: None of the Rough Rider extra effects when depleted are working right now but gearbox will likely fix this in the future
Note II: (F) = Fire,(Cr) = Cryo,(Co) = Corrosive, (S) = Shock, (Ra) = Radiation, (N) = Non-Elemental
Note III: (Any) = Any Element, [.] = Anointment, {.} = Note



Send me a FR: MrPeriodical


i have Lucian’s Call(Fire/Corrosive)
LF Recurring Hex(Cryo)

I’ll mail it to you for the fire Lucian.

Can you send me a FR: MrPeriodical

I think I might have some of these! I update my shop list daily if not more if you would like to check it out I linked it below but I know I definitly have the rough rider, crossroads, some atom balms. Might need to check on the others but i linked my shop below if anything interests you just let me know!

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Thank you.

I’ll check it out later today. I’m at work right now.

Have 4 Things of your list. Atom Bold 2 and Lucians Call both

What did you want for them?

Tacular Hex 4 sure. U got other stuff too? Like a list or so? Have an looking for topic open. Have a look

I do have some more legendaries, but none of them are in your list. I only have the Hex.

I’ll trade it for one of the Atoms?

Can u send me a picture of that grenade via message? Sure it’s no prob. Will send it to ya





You still have that re router annointed

I have dictator

Molten the dictator for singularity firestorm?

I no longer have Singularity Firestorm.

I literally just tossed it to replace it with Dulivian Firestorm, and I’ll be updating my post in about an hour.

I can trade you Dulivian for the Dictator if you would like. Just send me a FR @ MrPeriodical


Mailing in a few