mS Xero's lvl 72 and under trading post. (Borderlands 2)

Got some extra loot that I don’t need. Msg me if you want it, its yours for free! (Gt is mS Xero)
lvl 54 Stiff Unkempt Harold
lvl 51 DP Unkempt Harold
lvl 49 Hard Unkempt Harold
lvl 49 Explicit Unkempt Harold
lvl 61 DP Unkempt Harold
lvl 61 maximized lady fist (shock)
lvl 50 Tactical Hornet
lvl 41 vengeful infinity (yes the 10.4 firerate one) (fire)
lvl 66 two fer Unforgiven

lvl 60 Reactive Interfacer
Lvl 61 Practicable Butcher (Corrosive)
lvl 66 swiss deliverence
lvl 66 sledge’s shotgun
lvl 63 juicy flakker
lvl 66 critical conference call

SMGs: (idk how all my hawks are 41 and 61 but hey, they’re free to you)
lvl 41 stopping sand hawk
lvl 41 incendiary sand hawk (fire)
lvl 41 corrosive sand hawk (corrosive)
lvl 61 incendiary sand hawk (fire)
lvl 61 Stopping Sand Hawk (Shock)
lvl 61 corrosive sand hawk (corrosive)

lvl 66 liquid pitch fork (shock)
lvl 67 Skorry Lyudmila (Slag)
lvl 67 bolshy Lyudmila (Shock)

lvl 41 sheriff’s Badge
lvl 65 Heart of the Ancients (28.5% Shotgun Damage and 28.5% Fight for your life time)
lvl 64 Heart of the Ancients (30.2% launcher Damage and 30.2% Fight for your life time)

lvl 67 Legendary Binder (Siren)
lvl 64 Thieving Trickster (Siren) (29% fire rate + 6 Life Tap and +5 Kinetic Reflection)
lvl 66 Legendry Mecromancer (Gaige)
lvl 64 Legendary Soldier (Commando)
lvl 58 Legendary Berserker (Gunzerker)
lvl 39 Chaotic Evil Monk (Gunzerker)

Grenade Mods:
lvl 56 Lobbed quasar (0 fuse)
lvl 41 magic missle (Purple x4)

lvl 41 antagonist
lvl 41 sham
lvl 41 inflammable Bee
lvl 50 Bee
lvl 53 Cracked Sash (1.17 recharge delay)
lvl 41 rough rider
lvl 48 sham
lvl 61 alkaline hide of Terra
lvl 61 Bee

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