MSG AT LeFatTurd qAnyone has OP8 shock Norfleet or OP8 Shock Shredifire?

Just reached OP8. Can anyone spare one of those legendary is asked for. Message me at LeFatTurd

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I can’t stop laughing at the fat turd name. LeFatTurd. Love it too much. :rofl::joy::laughing:

MSG me on xboxlive. GT = Kurtdawg13 same as my forum name. I don’t play on console much anymore, so you’re welcome to the gear I have on several mules. I’ll check xboxlive when I get home to see if you’ve reached out.

Is this offer still active as I am looking for a couple op8 leganadrys to finish a my assassin

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Whatcha looking for? I might have it. Is it still the original request?

Any norfleet any but slag a conference call any but slag and a shock flying sand hawk

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I believe I have all of those. GT is my forum name. reach out via xbox live and I’ll respond when I get home.

K thx