Mule Appreciation Thread

Just want to talk a bit about Mules, and how people use them. They get little love generally, overshadowed as they are by the main characters.

For me I have 2 Main Mules:
Papa Bear (OP8, accompanied my Zer0)
Papa Bear 2.0 (31, accompanies my Gaige)

Both are Salvador, both generally wear Vault Hunters Relic and Hoarder COMs. I play in 2 player, and they stand idly by while I run my main. They are a repository for unused gear at or above level that I may want to use on my main. They are also useful for farming quest rewards and fast travelling (since they pretty much stay there).

I use Papa Bear (who is maxed on all currencies) to buy and drop weapons, as well as farm Eridium and $ for my Gaige. Papa Bear 2.0 hasn’t yet maxed on anything, though he has all backpack slots unlocked.

Additionally I have a secondary mule for every 10 levels or so, and one for each OP level. They are my equipment storage.

I love 2 player because drop and spawn rates are a bit better, and enemies are a tad harder. I view the ammo regen from Hoarder as my trade off for making the game a bit harder.

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I just created my 36th mule for this game- mainly they’re strictly for storage but I do try to get some easy challenges out of the way with them like duels and trading challenges. I create them on the 360 and transfer them to the XBox One and since I only have the two accounts on the 360 I can’t use them to increase (however slightly) the drop rates for the game on the XBox One. I might one day run them all to the end of at least normal (a couple have at least reached Sawtooth Cauldron) but for now they just hang out in Sanctuary…


I once had a pack of mules to hold all the loot I wanted to keep (which was basically anything with red text). Eventually there was too much loot to keep track of easily (who’s holding what piece of gear?), so I indexed them by manufacturer. Then one day it occurred to me that these mules might be interesting in combat using the gear sets they were sitting on, and I “converted” them to regular Vault Hunters (gave them a decent build, ran them up the story lines, bought upgrades from Crazy Earl, etc.), and have been playing allegiance like this ever since.

I still have a mule (Zer0) for gear that I “collect” but don’t want taking up space with my active characters (Moxxi’s Endowment, a set of Gearbox-themed guns from character startups, Friendship Amulet, Lucrative Opportunity, etc.) He’s parked in Sanctuary where he can hit Claptrap’s Locker for gear transfers if needed.

I do have a second computer quite capable of running BL2… never thought about starting a second Steam account, purchasing a second instance of BL2, and spinning up a character for use as an enemy multiplier and stat booster.


I totally recommend giving it a try. Especially for farming quest rewards. The hoarder COM is a blessing, and the increased drop rate… :smiley:

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I have 1 mule who is currenly holding around 10 items. Most of my characters banks are full of NVHM / TVHM legendaries. When I eventually get around to cleaning them up I’ll probably delete the mule. I should probably make a giveaway thread one of these days in case there’s anything anyone wants. Some of the stuff is pretty good.

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Interesting Idea… I may have to do that! Run an all day give away in some place like the starting area, just drop all the crap from my mules and let randos come in and take what they want, and let others drop stuff.

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