Mule creation, who's fastest?

Made 1 so far, but who would be the fastest to get to Sanctuary to mule?
I’ve only played Fl4k and Amara so I can’t comment on how fast I can solo to Sanctuary with the other 2

I feel like that early in game, how well you know the maps to quickly go from point a to b is more important than which character you use. My main is Moze, and she has a skill right at the top of one of her skill trees that gives her damage resistance and extra gun damage just for keeping her shields up. Pair that up with reserving a couple low level legendaries and or buying some decent purple gun from the vending machine to help quickly take out essential enemies. If you’re pretty good at the game you shouldn’t even have to fight most mobs for exp, just trail blaze through the hoards to each point as quickly as possible. I can go from the beginning to sanctuary in about an hour, not counting the obnoxious unskipable cut scenes.

Edit: If you’re really good at scoring critical hits though, Fl4k paired with fade away is probably best.

If you are on xbox you can just sign in a 2nd profile in split screen and they will be wherever you are whenever you want them. You can share gold on xbox so i’m not sure how it works on pc or ps4(i’ve had a dummy account for trading/duping sorta deals since the one came out), but given it has split screen i’m sure there is something comparable. Also on pc I think you can just copy your save data and do some magic that way.

What ive been doing is easy mode with fl4k for mules. I Ignore all side quests and go for a Rakk and monkey. You could do split screen mules but if you want everything on your main account then that aint gonna work.

At those beginning levels IMO your character choice probably plays little in your speed of progress. It is more of knowing where to go and a bit of luck on what you get for item drops or find in the vending machine. If anything IMO FL4K or Zane may have it a bit easier at the beginning. FL4K always has a pet out which does relevant damage at those levels. Zane can get extra static DPS pairing his clone and drone. Basically they have access to support NPCs.

If on console its as easy as logging on a 2nd profile while your main is in sanctuary…and the mule will be lvl 1 and on sanctuary…

and for money use the eridian creator…takes like 5-10 mins of seling lvl 50 guns to get your backpack max SDU

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I either do it on a friend’s game or use moze for the safety button. I’ve made six mules so far, takes me 1 hour or so every time. I just run by every enemy the game doesn’t demand I kill. Only problem is mouthpiece, I kill the enemies leading to him so I could get an extra level before the fight. On easy mode he’s very beatable underleveled, just make sure you have something that’s doing passable damage or the fight will last ages.
Have fun filling up all that fresh bank space

I said this in the other thread and I’ll say it here… BE CAREFUL doing a second account. I lost TONS of gear when Microsoft wouldn’t let me in to my alt accounts. I tried everything to get back into my account. They said something about my password. I really can’t remember what or how it went down. I even saved passwords and everything I needed but they wouldn’t help me recover the accounts

Fastest is PC, copy your savegame and rename it. Boom, new Mule with max. backpack.

Right? This is exactly what I did on my 360 with a lil’ crappy $5 thumbdrive from Walmart. I’ve heard with XBONE you can only save to the cloud? WTF… why Microsoft? This is part of the reason I still play on the XBOX360. Although I did lose all of my skins and BADASS rank doing this somehow.

I have 4 mules and 4 maxed toons on my main account. I have to grind through the story on Zane and I’m halfway done with amara. Fl4k and moze are done already.

It helps when I have a level 50 starting. I just run thru the story, just wish I could skip the dialog and other nonsense I’ve already heard.

Its somewhat of a grind but I just bit the bullet and got it done.

I lost my bank twice. Once on my main and then a mule got my loot deleted.

I’ve since made sure I save and quit my mule before quitting out of my main character and it’s been ok since.

My mules all have gotten to sanctuary. No further. I dont necessarily need them there, i just did it as a precaution.

My mule accounts are one character each, I didnt have multiples sharing the same bank. If I need to I can add more down the road and just max out their backpacks.

I’m on xbox