Mule logistics, how to etc

So I now have 2 toons at 50 and one on the way there.

So I have a ton of low level good stuff also getting a lot of 50s etc

I start a new toon, get to sanctuary and can start putting gear on them to store.

question is how can I take 5,000,000, and give it from toon A to toon B ? Is there a way ?

What platform?

You need to make a mule on a 2nd profile to do any direct trading like cash. Or join a friends game if you can and trade the cash to them and then change characters and trade it back buddy.

Don’t think there is any other way right now. At least for PS4, really not sure for PC


I only know pc, the above advice with 2nd profile and split screen I think is the way. You can trade cash

I use the gun-gun to generate a bunch of crap greens/blues for my mule to sell. It’s annoying for sure but I want all of my mules on my main profile

but then I have to farm eridum, also can you put the gun gun in the bank ?

On PC I just tip moxxis leave those guns in my mail and then accept them with my low level characters


I just started putting guns I farmed in the bank for my mules to sell. I didn’t feel like dealing with the hassle of a separate account (even though I already have one).

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If you don’t have any friends playing it on xbox man, see if another forumite will invite you to their game for the trade.

Would only take someone a minute, so pretty sure someone on here would help you out if needed. Not got it on xbox myself sorry man.


Not any more it’s been patched now.


shocker that I have friends ? LOL

I could do that sure, but that’s the kind of time waster I like to do with out buddies since it’s mindless. I guess I will just run through playthrough one, get the gun-gun and just do it that way for the upgrades, that’s just so… ahhhhhhh…tedious

you on the box ?

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Nah sorry on PS4 myself or I would have helped you out man.

Making the 2nd profile is a pretty fast option for trading once you have made the profile btw so would realistically be your best route for now I would think.

Because of the mail system in bl3 once you have made the 2nd profile you can simply mail all your stuff you want to mule so no need to spend time directly trading like we had to do in bl2 just empty out the mail once every 7 days and pop on to trade cash.

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still waiting for the take it out put it in glitch like the last game where you could have 100s of items in the bank

it drives me crazy to have to waste time with silly stuff like 2 accounts and stuff. I could be playing but no I have to waste time sending myself mail.

I have millions on my siren but my moze and zane no, I guess I will have to trade money and trade back with a buddy…


On xbox all you have to do is bring your main character to Sanctuary and then save and quit to the game’s main menu. Log in a second controller, have them join BL3 in splitscreen, and then log your main in.

Your main will load, and on the second controller you need to choose what class you want. Then, a level 1 character will appear in Sanctuary and have a 16 slot bag. You can trade money and loot between characters, and with the second account you can make additional characters as necessary to store legendaries and other loot.

Edit: corrected spelling but also wanted to point out that you can’t use this method to give money to brand new characters on your primary account right away. What I’m going to do is take one of my Mule characters on the second account through the game until they get to Sanctuary, then I can do the process in reverse to invite Level 1 toons on my main account up there and transfer stuff to them. Also lets me upgrade their ammo SDUs etc before getting into the main gameplay again as kind of a shortcut.

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so I am SuitableTrain8 I don’t need to create a SuitableTrain9 or anything.

So just get to Santuary, and bring in my level 50 with all the cash via split screen ?

You do need a second account on your xbox yes. If you’ve never created another xbox account at all, then you need to do that otherwise the second controller has nothing to attach to. It doesn’t need Gold or anything like that, I think even a local account is fine. Worst case it might need to be a full XBL account with a spare email address, but in the long run it’s not too bad and the whole thing would likely take less than an hour to set up.

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an hour ? ugh… lol


I guess I will start the account with an A since it’s less to page through…

Haha, on the other hand it’s nice if your main account comes first in the list. An hour is the absolute tops for people who haven’t done it before, and I was including the Borderlands part.

For Elder Scrolls Online I created 9 extra accounts so I could have my own guild bank - that took a bit of effort though.

I ran through the story to Sanctuary 8 extra times before I realized all I had to do was make a second account and split screen.

Boy, do I really hate cutscenes now.

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wait what ? either way you have to get to sanctuary with the mule right ?.. or at least you have to to open the back pack space right ?

Or you just make mule 1 pistols, mule 2 shields, mule 3 etc… OMG I just saw the light, can I get an Amen