Mule logistics, how to etc

If on a 2nd account you don’t need to get them to sanctuary man, if you have them join your main characters game as p2 while main is on sanctuary already they spawn there.

You can literally make new character on the 2nd account and have them insta join your main within about 10 seconds of creation.


Easiest way on Xbox is creating some accounts on the website, you only need some emails, which is easiest if you own some domains like I do, but is also no problem with Gmail etc.

I created some spare accounts (created but not yet added on the xbox itself) so if I need a new mule I simply add one more, login with a second controller and then select a character and it joins you in splitscreen where you actually are.

Then you trade with it and transfer ~7 million to it to max out bank and backpack and that’s it you just got a new mule.

Also creating an account for each has the great advantage of being able to simply mail them the stuff while on the road and then later login with each one and sort the stuff.

I created one for Classmods/Artifacts, Shields/Grenades and now already two for weapons, but the latest for weapons is still at 20% capacity so no need to activate another one for now.

You of course also simply could create characters for the same account and login as guest, but this has the disadvantage that you don’t get more bank space but only backspack and that you can’t send them mail while on the road.

So what I actually started doing on this event was to just make some new characters and get them to sanctuary. Then play the one I want and let the loot retrieval collect legendary and purple items. Then switch to one of the new characters after the loot retrieval has a few legendaries in it. Empty the loot retrieval with the new character. Sell off the purples and buy backpack upgrades when its able to.

I’ve been doing this on PC. Looking forward to bank expansion.

If you don’t want to create mules on a second profile, then you can not directly trade money. So if not using friends, your options area;

  1. Play with your main using only one gun type so you keep getting mailed crap gear at their level. Then switch to low level, claim crap from mail and sell it.

  2. Play as main and load a bunch od crap into bank to claim in mule and sell it.

  3. Using your main kill stuff and leave the crap legendaries/purples/blues on ground, so it will fill the lost loot box. Then switch to mule and empty the lost loot so you can sell it on that character.

I don’t want to read all the comments, sorry.

In case it hasn’t been mentioned. Donate to Moxxi for Crit’s and Hail’s, then accept them on your alt and sell them. Should be about one of the easier ways to transfer a lot of money.