Mulitplayer Connection Error

I have played online with freinds before but not for a long time. I tried to play yesterday with friends and could not join their game. I keep getting a network connection error. I checkd my NAT, did a hard reset on the console, and checked my firmware but nothing worked. At the time, I was in a party and we all just left playing Overwatch so its not an internet issue.
Please advise on how to fix this issue. I have been waiting a long time to find people to pkay with online and for my friends who just bought the game, not a great first impression.

Well for starters you are one of the lucky ones that actually got it to work on an Xbox console without it crashing, that is my problem and have been waiting for a fix since the games release.

As for your issue seems you did what you could on your end and cleared out the cache on the console by a hard reset. Maybe a fresh install of BL3 might, key word might help. I would also throw out a support ticket now and get that process started.

Last bit of advice though is don’t get your hopes up too high for GBX fixing it, as I said some of us have been on this forum a long time and have yet to get anything from them remotely hinting they are going to fix their game. If anything go back to the earlier entries in the series, they work just fine and still hold up.