Mulitplayer- Non Gameplay feedback/quick fixes

Hey Guys!

After logging a fair amount of time into BB, I have some quick fixes in my opinion that can be implemented to improve the online multiplayer experience right away!

*I’m not even going to get into the game play, or character balancing. I’m sure that is being worked on/discussed elsewhere in detail. See below and feel free to chime in!

1) ALLOW CHARACTER PREVIEWS WHILE TEAM IS SELECTING- This is such an easy fix and can be very frustrating at times, especially with a game where team composition is so important. In other games (especially MOBAS), players will preview characters for their team to see in hopes that the team will select accordingly. Forcing players to “lock in” their picks without seeing what teammates are thinking about is a big time flaw in a team game, especially in casual games where players are not always communicating over chat. It sucks to lose a game at the player select screen before the match begins.
Side Note It wouldn’t hurt to make the character screen a bit more visually appealing. For a game with over the top style/graphics, this screen looks straight out of PlayStation 1. the select screen with the same bland color is very dull.

** GLORIFY THE KILL**- Please make it more visually known who on the team gets a kill and who they killed. While I fully understand (and wish everyone else did) that snagging objectives and pushing minions are what win matches, people just love seeing their names on the screen showing that they downed an enemy. Player X-------KILLED-------> Player Y

** IN GAME CALL OUT/CHAT SYSTEM**- If you’re going to have MOBA elements, don’t half ass them. It would be very helpful to communicate with the team through call outs, and EVEN BETTER to have character voice packs. I would also settle for one call out saying "STOP GOING FOR KILLS AND START PUSHING MINIONS).

** SKINS**- Are embarrassing. I’m all for alternate colors, but even those look like they’ve been given minimal effort. I’m sure tier 2-3 are being worked on… but damn.

** STAT SCREEN**- Why aren’t damage dealt or healing on the first page of the post game stats screen, or anywhere remotely close to the front? I think this screen can be re worked to provide more easily accessible and important info without having to dig for it.

** MORE (TRUE) HEALERS PLEASE**- Variety is the spice of life, thx.

That’s it for now. I think these are quick fixes that will improve the game asap. BB is a great game, with great potential. I want to see it reach the heights I know it is capable of achieving. i’m sure i’m forgetting something, and will have more as I dive deeper into the game. But here’s some food for thought in the meantime. Please let me know what you think. See you on the battlefield.

Thanks for reading!
GT- ChiliShadow (XBOX)

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