Multi only with friends

The request is simple.

Please bring back the possibility to join or be joined only by friends as we had on bl2

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This is, in fact, how me and my friends play. The option exists, though I don’t precisely recall how to set it.

I’ll take a look.

Tell me if you remember what to do.

Random people with modded guns are too much annoying online.

If i remember correctly you have to go to Social and change the matchmaking options to “friends only” and then I THINK that only friends can join your game

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I can tell you step 1 is to not use matchmaking at all. Obviously, if you don’t want to be joined by random people you would avoid the mode for joining up with random people. That’s just science.

Friends-only setting is missing on PS4, for whatever reason.


Haha, thx captain obvious :wink:

I just want to be joined by friends when they want to.

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So this is it.


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Indeed. Not sure why it’s not. It really needs to be added.

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Ps4 doesn’t have that option? That’s wild. Almost as wild as BL3 being available on MAC thru epic game store, except it isn’t :slight_smile: