Multi-Player Stats Browser

This is the Multi-Player Stats Browser created by NemesisChiken. I simply updated his hw2 version to work with Homeworld Remastered.


This tool allows players to review the historic record of all their games played online. After each online match, Homeworld Remastered writes a log file of match information about the game. These logs are read to generate a variety of information and statistics.

Get it here:


Can you provide a brief description of what it is, please?

IIRC, it reads play histories logged by the game and just gives you the overall stats of your games as showin in the screenshot.

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Alpha, I added a description above.

Awesome, thanks.

Bar chart doesn’t display, any idea why?

Ya the bar charts never worked for me either back in hw2. Not sure why.

Hmm maybe the gif is bad or wrong then.

This is awesome!

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