Is there any workload that could possibly be handed off to a second processor core?

I have a quad core processor and HMR only uses one core that it pegs at 100% while most of the others sit almost idle. Obviously many functions have to be synchronized especially in multi-player to avoid cheats but I have to wonder if there isn’t something that can be done. CPU overhead from the graphics calls or other?

I know there are many limitations imposed by the HW2 engine and I would never expect a rewrite of it. Of course now that I write this it sure seems like what I just did. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually the audio engines should be hitting your other cores…

Also, a biiiig chunk of the new graphics engine is meant to overlap lots of rendering setup code - I just haven’t done the final step yet (as it’s still a ton of work to finish).

Little else though can - unfortunately…

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Well considering how old the original engine of this game is, its actually pretty nice to have at least some parts using multiple cores, especially considering that even far more recent games like starcraft II can only use 2 cores (at least last time I played, which has been a while), which becomes quite the bottleneck in large scale battles, especially with more than one enemy player.

And so far I haven’t noticed any Fps drops caused by my CPU being the bottleneck, but then again my I5 runs at 4.7Ghz :stuck_out_tongue: so that would be rather suprising :smiley: