Multiload Turned 5v5 into 4v5

I decided to try it… ugh…
You can’t queue up another rocket right after firing the first.
Firing a charged rocket takes more time than shooting two rockets.
Lost all my ability to contribute anything because of Multiload.

The best advice to anyone looking to play Benedict is to NEVER Multiload.
Just don’t touch it, don’t try it, don’t look at it. Or you’ll regret it.


Both my fiancée and I have tried multiload just once each and now we won’t touch it. It only seems to fire two rockets at one (ie you can’t get it to fire more than two at a time) and to fire single rockets requires repeatedly pressing the fire button and this is slower than the standard single rocket firing.

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Multiloader has to be the biggest letdown of all mutations. There is literally no point in taking it, and that one time I did to try it out, it cost us a match because my fire rate got crippled. If you could fire all of them at once, sure. But two? Waste of time.

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Get rid of the charge up and 2 would be fine. They would be less accurate but cover more AOE. Then it would be usefull. The drawback would be needing to reload even more than you do already. Balances out.

To be usefull Multiload should be changed like this:

  • Adds 1 rocket , so one can shoot 3 times a double rocket
  • Autofire, holding down the fire button charges up, shoots, charges up, shoots like firing standard rockets

Until these changes come, no one will ever use it.

yes, multiload is soo useless… or maybe I am doing something wrong it only “charge” 2 rockets and by the time it charge, you would have fire 3 rockets anyway.