Multipalyer beta crashing as host everytime

This realy need fix asap.

Frist Multi player hosting went fine, every singel after that is crash at universe, crash at waiting for other players (game just crash in loading screen. second fight I got past this issue as host the rest of people crashed.

Singel player, or vs ai got no problems but as soon as want host a match online its crashes at loading, mostly at frist second it want to start loading.

Fix plz

everyone is getting this

Ya the host almost always gets stuck “Downloading Content”.

As the host, just close the game after 10 seconds of loading so everyone else can play. Then let someone else return the favor and host for you. Most of the time the rest of the players load fine.

What Cloaked said, is currently the only way (at least for me) to launch a game reliably.

That makes me wonder, it has always been this way but if the host can leave the game at any moment and let the rest keep playing just fine, I’m guessing the stuck occurs on initial data exchange only (custom maps and badges?), which could use a central server to temporarily upload whatever the content that needs exchanged and let others download from there? Just a wild guess.