Multiplayer availability in Homeworld2 Classic

Currently, multiplayer in Homeworld2 classic is not accessible through the menu. If modified to display the multiplayer button, the LAN and STEAM options appear in the menus, but neither allow a player to join a game (although they can be hosted). Is Homeworld2 Classic not intended to have multiplayer support?

Have you tried Hamachi or GameRanger? I want to know if this works too.

Id like to know too :smile:

@BitVenom , @Jeffybug
GearBox should bring back LAN mode for Classic versions, it works just fine on disc versions and you can play it with all players via Hamachi, GameRanger and Tungle programs. Why GearBox removed it? Bring it back in nearest patch!

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Considering that they removed the menu for it yeah I’d say that it was intended to not have multiplayer support.

They should, bring it back. Why they remove it? I can only guess they want to push there unfinished version in your face. They don’t want you using a mp mod they them selfs can’t always watch.

However there is a mod for homewrold 2 classic that re-enables mp. Be sure to get it in the workshop.

I’ve tested it and it does indeed work. So know Gearbox took out a WORKING feature of the games and left you the one and only feature they want you to use, the beta one.

Where did you get it at?

In the steam workshop modders had to do the work the devs should have done.

I clicked subscribe and nothing has happen. Where will I be able to start a multiplayer match?

Only works for homeworld 2 classic sadly.

Yea I got the Homeworld 2 Classic when I bought the game.

When mending multiplayer in Homeworld 2 classic?
Almost all fashion classic Homeworld 2 requires the availability of multiplayer !
If the multiplayer does not work then why did support a Workshop MODs ?