Multiplayer balance issue

Ok, so the balance is pretty good in most regards except one, which just breaks it for the Homeworld 1 factions, modular grav generators. It just makes them unviable, because the Homeworld 2 factions will win every single time if equal skill simply because they can drag around grav generators.

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Can you elaborate? I haven’t noticed a problem with gravity well modules, and am interested in hearing about it.

Its quite simple. As HW2 races you can warp to them and stick em there, and you can always warp out, since you have a bubble around you preventing warp inns. You can build grav wells as HW1 but they are slow and stationary.

Why is this a problem versus HW1 factions only? HW2 factions can only defend by setting up their own grav well mod, and even then it only delays their attack a little.

Grav wells seem cheap and easy to build for HW1 factions. Rotating 4 gives you a near permanent grav well against hyperspace and strikecraft.

The main problem is they arent mobile like hw2 wells. You take them with you. The worst thing is for your carriers and mothership, you also have to use a production slot for it, which you do not for hw2 races (you still build max number of ships).

I don’t seem to understand what you’re saying.

HW1 factions have gravity well generators that are units.

HW2 factions have gravity well modules that sit on FS, carriers, and BCs.

Would you mind clarifying a little bit? You mentioned having “to use a production slot for it, which you do not for hw2 races,” but HW2 races are the only ones that use module slots in the first place.

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I think what he means is them being modules makes them significantly harder to counter as the anti-module units (bombers) are nullified by the gravwells whereas a gravewell gen unit can be blasted to bits via ion frigs easily.

I think I understand.

If you get grav well mods on everything, you typically do win. Because if the game has progressed to the point where every BC (or almost every) has a grav well mod, you’re talking about full on capital ship brawls and end game moves. Offensively, I think grav well mods were designed so that people stop hyperspacing away when they’re about to die. Defensively they could protect against hyperspace jumps but you have to ask what’s the point of putting it on a BC, defensive-wise?

Grav wells are tactical, late game units. They were, I believe, designed to shut down late game and make it end game. Imo, the counter to a triple BC grav well threat is going to be three heavy cruisers and a compliment of destroyers.

Well if your somewhat equal skill it should go to lategame. And you dont engage in brawls. You warp into their carriers or motherships blow them the â– â– â– â–  upp, and jump out again. Thats the thing with them your guaranteed to prevent them from warping, and guaranteed to be able to warp.

That was a HW1 tactic which was fine, but in HW2—with defensive grav well mods—you can’t do that anymore. Not a viable strategy. You hit their grav well and you take damage, and THEN they know you’re there, so they move in their OWN BCs and you have to fight it out.

You CAN do this against HW1 factions because they lack a defensive grav well mod, but that’s no different than in HW1 and jumping in with a grav well generator. You could even cloak it back then, so they don’t even know it’s there. And in HW1, if you let that happen you were SOL, too. (Note: you can’t cloak grav wells while they’re active, now. Personal experience.)

So I mean, I think I see your point, but it’s been like that since HW1. I don’t think it’s inherently a grav well problem—I think it’s a late game balance issue.

Well offcourse the grav well isnt the problem. Its the usefullness of them compared between hw1 and 2 races.

I don’t know, the HW1 Gravity Well Generator is still pretty decent.

It passively stops all enemy hyperspace travel within its zone + it can freeze all strike craft in its zone for a while with its special ability. In some ways, it is more useful than HW2 Gravity Well modules.