Multiplayer Beta Bugs

All of the games are password protected - I can’t seem to join any, although some games are full.

I cannot scroll down to the bottom of the list in the lobby. I will post a screenshot if needed but I believe it’s easily reproduced.

I have the same problem - every game is password protected. Either the community is very exclusive, or I am bugged!

I can’t even see any game, even with my firewall off, and think that i skipped work for this :frowning:

I hope this is getting fixed soon. I can see other people playing it and enjoying it, but we can’t :sleepy:

This might be a stupid set of questions;

  1. have you signed up for both a Shift and Steam account and linked them?
  2. in steam are you playing in ‘private/offline mode’ or are you clearly ‘online’

Yes to both!

Same here password protected - but some people are getting in - is everyone above outside the US? I wonder if they have left region locking on.

Yes, many on steam are confirming that it is a region lock issue. Solutions include switching the download region via the steam settings tab.

So am I supposed to set to a different region? To which region?

MP is a bit of a clunky, old-school mess in general. I understand that we were told it would be ‘beta’ at release, but I didn’t realize it would be this bad. Anyway, here’s my list of issues just from playing a couple games:

  1. Multiplayer lobby is a mess.
  2. Filters don’t work, and some filter items (such as mode, ping, etc.) should be drop-down lists instead of generic text boxes.
  3. Scrolling is broken.
  4. No ping information in the list.
  5. No password indicator (yes/no) in the list.
  6. In general, I was hoping for some sort of realistic matchmaking in this re-mastered version (like in most other modern RTS games). Currently absent. Hoping beyond hope that it’s coming. A proper ranking & stats system would be icing on the cake.
  7. Issues with the MP game UI
  8. Pinging to allies (x-key) does nothing.
  9. All of the other SP behavior and command issues (especially with HW1 units) that people have encountered are of course present in MP as well (such as formations, specific unit behaviors being broken, units getting stuck, etc.)
  10. Networking issues
  11. My friend and I had to disable our Windows Firewall for HW:R to connect to each other. We don’t have to do this for other modern games. HW:R also doesn’t request a Windows Firewall exception, either. Using Windows 8.1.
  12. Had some MAJOR slowdown and intermittent freezing during one game as we engaged in a large battle. Could have been his system choking though- not sure.

HW:R’s MP, and HW:R in general have the potential to be incredible, but the Gearbox team clearly has their work cut out for them. I wish them the best of luck! Please fix our game :).

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In addition to that I would like to mention that we couldn’t play a single 2v2 yesterday. Whoever was hosting stuck in the loading screen at the following message: “downloading additional content”. 1v1 or 2vCPUs seems to work however.

I hope u guys will be able to fix the most serious issues such as disconnects and password protection asap.

In the long run I hope to see a replay feature and ranking+matchmaking systems. Give the multiplayer the love it needs and deserves! It would be a shame if you neglect this vital part in the series.

Most games crash for me, be they 3v3, 2v2 or even 1v1. In fact, these games crash for most users. IF, but IF we manage to get in game, there is at least one disconnected person.

Are there ports to forward? Im having lots of ‘Downloading Content’ fails when i Host.

Why do we even need to port forward? Its there job to make this happen… I am really disappointed with this ‘beta’. I mean sure I did expect balance issues and some game problems…

But not being able host properly or get ingame properly is a sad thing… this wont get everyone hyped for multiplayer.

  • matchmaking ?
  • Ladders ?
  • tab for passwords ?
  • lobby ?
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Downloading content freeze is the biggest issue.