Multiplayer Chat

The game is just as and even more awesome than I remembered… Good job team. Thank you!
Just a suggestion but it would be nicer in my opinion, if there was a better way to grab your attention after someone types in-game. Maybe a louder ping, but not something too obnoxious. I had a hard time communicating with my ally. Apparently he was asking me to do things and vice versa and we just didn’t communicate very well at all.

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Agreed good idea…

It is pretty big and in your face when chat is typed… no need for it to make a noise too, if they do add that give it a toggle option. What we really need from chat is a longer text limit. You can hardly finish a sentence in the lobby or in game without having to break it into like 4 or 5 separate message. It is just plain ridiculous. MP game titles should have a slightly larger limit also.

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I wont mind a louder ping sound - maybe an option to turn it off for those who get annoyed by it but that may be counterproductive as the intend is it to bring better attention to team mates if your ally or opponent types something to you.

@Sajuuk_Khar1 : Sometimes you’re so focussed and fight intensely that you simply miss your communications and while you can just press the chat key to see the logs of the previous typings it may sometimes be vital to respond immediately.

Anyway I agree with you the text lengths should increase a bit and stay perhaps 2-3 seconds longer on screen.

We also really require chat rooms or lobbies outside of the regular games. That last one is standard nowadays and should somehow get implemented asap.

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