Multiplayer Co-Op


Most people I play with still experience lag when you join another player via Invite. Even worse when you are in vehicles. Is this ever going to be addressed?
And now the random and often crashing? If the host drops the entire Co-Op session is OVER.
Come On…FIX this crap!

Its not even just online, split-screen is unbelievably laggy, i cant use a redundant brainstormer on 2 player, with out crashing the game :expressionless:

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Split-screen is complete CRAP.
Taking away Vertical Split has really taken away from Borderlands gaming time in our house. Use to be Diablo 3 and Borderlands 2 all the time. Now only Diablo 3 when we want to play together.
We now are awaiting Minecraft Dungeons.

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I can barely use a redundant brainstormer in single player without it crashing. :laughing: It makes everything stutter.

Sorry to break it to you but good luck waiting on getting split screen co op to get fixed. Alot of us have been asking for it to get fixed since the games release and you can see how far that has gotten us. At this point they have your money and could care less.

Yeah I was one of those complaining. Everyone expected it and Gearbox never even disclosed not having it. We all found out on release.
My guess it they will never fix player connections in Online Co-Op either.

Sadly it might be that way but with every new post they put out I will continue to ask either way. I know this will be the last Gearbox game I pre order and the way things are going possibly purchase.