Multiplayer Connection issues

Hi community,

I’ve had endless problems connecting to multiplayer games on borderlands 3. I can’t join my friends and my friends can’t join me. It tries to load but then disconnects me. I have decent internet speeds and I have a pretty beefy brand new gaming rig so there isn’t any issues there. So far I have tried;

-Verified my game files
-Port forwarding
-Checked firewall parameters
-Played with every god damn setting in the options
-Made sure I have no VPN running
-Tried signing out and into SHiFT and then back again and every combination
-tried being the host, tried joining someone else
-disabling then re-enabling IPV6 and IPV6 firewall
-checking UPNP is active on my router
-going from Wi-FI- to ethernet and back again

I bought this game so I could play with friends and I seem to be the only one with this issue. I’ve tried joining every one of my friends and they can all join eachother but can’t join me. This is exceedingly frustrating and whilst I enjoy the game, I only bought it to play with friends.

Epic launcher version? Delete your friend from your Epic launcher friendlist. Now you should be able to join eachother ingame via shift.

I’m on the Steam launcher

I only know that it works for the epic launcher version, but you can try to delete your friend from your steam friendlist.