Multiplayer/Coop Mode is a disaster and no one is talking about it

There is pretty much no multiplayer unless your playing with friends. I unfortunately dont have any friends who play on PC so this is basically a single player game for me. Matchmaking is a total disaster with all the modifiers, different mayhem levels, normal mode vs tvhm… I have never played in a group of 4. Everything’s so spread out it takes 30 min to find a match with just one other person and I often quit because they have modded weapons.


This^ I would love to play online multiplayer more often. It would even open up way more builds.


Exactly, I have never had to go to a forum or chatroom to find someone to play with in a game that has over 1 million active players, Its really mind boggling.

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Imagine a summoning system like in DS games.

Uh, nope to the subject line of the OP - this has been a big problem since launch, and players have been on here in droves talking about it.

If you are on console, good friggin luck with matchmaking. This has been unacceptable since launch and continues to be unacceptable IMO. What kind of co-op multiplayer game in 2020 literally has NO players playing it in the middle of the evening on the east coast in the United States? Apparently BL3? Because I run matchmaking fairly regularly around that time and find - no one? - playing.

I think a lot of people just don’t play in open lobbies because they don’t want to play co-op at all because the experience is so laggy. I think that is the more dangerous issue in the life of BL3.


There are around 1 million or more active players. Why cant we find people?.. I have no clue. It’s sad for a triple A game title, the only way to find people is threw forums and chatrooms.

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My 2 cents since start of the game:

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althought i dont think there 1 mil active player but still , mm is a problem lol

since bl1 the game passively encourage solo gameplay but advertise as coop game, and now its even worse with m2.0 .

I know I have been bringing up mutliplayer for a long time now, especially on XB1X, good luck with that! As for the Co-Op/Split screen, yeah another disaster. Sadly Gearbox could care less about it since there are still problems since the games release, its all about the paid content nowdays. Multiplayer has taken the back burner in favor of weapon buffs and skill %.

I just don’t understand how they managed to make it work on the previous games but for some reason the newest and greatest is nothing more than a beta program pretending to be a finished game.

#Borderlands 76


I feel for you guys. I farm solo, then twice a week our team (my three lads- all left home) meet up, exchange what we’ve been up to, and co-op for 3-4 hrs - perfect.
But no way would I co-op with randoms.

Oh yea forgot about this:


Mayhem 2.0 made it even worst… 6 more Mayhem levels of each campaign quest and takedown/event. The only way this can possibly work if they do cross platform with all consoles. Or make matchmaking M10 exclusive or M0 exclusive where they can put all players into one difficulty setting. It’s just too many different difficulty options and locations
in matchmaking currently.

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Matchmaking browser i brought up well right after i did see this skit on day of release.

And dont get me started on split screen m8.
This is a bland joke. I guess i could run GTA 5 better on a potato than this game runs on split on PS4.

And know what! Xbox players have it even worse cause its quite fantastic. Try join the lobby of a friend & console will bluescreen right away, not only for you.No no no no. But also for ur friend.
And people thought Anthem was bad…


I gave up on takedown co op with social. Becausw mayhem 2.0 modifiers nullify me. I use elemental launchers and ull go in someones jakobs. Flak or amara run with immune mobs and its like… Forget it.

All my anoints might be sntnl cryo and ill get immune mobs. They might have holy crit. I basically gotta carry gear for different modifiers.

Anyways mayhem is so bad ppl have quit already.

Despite how they act on the LIVE SHOW those players seem like they hardly play. Its a job for them to sell the game.

I wouldnt recommend this game to friends the way it is mayhem 2.0 at all.


Yeah…I have been asking for Gearbox to see if they can post an actual video of anyone in their company play Split Screen and verify it is a viable option to play. Or maybe one of their employee’s attempt to play match making and see how long they sit and wait.

I have already kept those I played BL1 and BL2 with us to stay as far away as possible from this beta program, sadly though I had to be the test subject and spent my money.

#Borderlands 76

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The live show… 0 of those players play at m10…i just wanted to give up on borderlands 3 that day.

Gearbox wanted us to watch it. I dont wanna name call i couldnt help but feel these guys were beyond below average skilled players… I felt like.they dont even play for any extended period of time. Im sure its just a job for them.

How can they understand the modifiers or multiplayer problems when they arent even fully playing the game.

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Lmao… Its sad its come that far. Lmao…naw they aint asking for extra money yet.

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Well i mean they are pretty bad tbh ( I think they mentioned they stick with M6). But who are we to judge i mean am i special cause i M10 without any mayhem gear on the very first day?

I admit the game in its current state is a disaster but it will better i guess…
Thing is i guess this game will only get to a point where we really can talk about balance after all the dlc´s.

Cause then they will really start balancing things out and stop putting out op things, just cause of marketing reasons.

Bruh pls lets dont talk about Zane atm, i think he deserves some love even tho i am a FL4K only for the most part. As well as Moze.
Friend of mine even switched from Moze main sinse release to Amara cause Moze is just too much of a hastle.

And thats the point. Most of the VH´s have to swap class mods or shield and action skills while playing in order to stay viable.
Some builds are better Mobbing some are better bossing and for the most part its just a hastle.

Well i hope thinks will better with the second big patch when class mods and nade mods get new Mayhem extra skits in order to make thinks more diverse.
I really hope this will better stuff.

Member when morning after kill anounced that GBX wannted to make a season pass. xD

Imagine the glory of pay to win in a story driven game.
Yes it is a loot shooter but then i would rather play minecraft instead of jumping on that train!

Thank you for the clarification, I’ve had it on Xbox since shortly after launch and I picked Zane because I’m Irish, but I didn’t know how much of a mistake that was until I started trying to matchmake Takedown to no avail for the entirety of 6 hour gaming sessions.