Multiplayer elimination, deathmatch

Im nit writing cause the game sucks or anything, im writing cause i have ideas of thingd id like to see… The game is awesome. I heard other gamers mentioned some of this

  1. How about a multiplayer elimination game? No minions or sentry or objectives just players and turrents… First team to eliminate the other wins… Everyone starts off with full lvl 10 mutations and In the respawn area before the game starts they can pic their rightful mutations… Players cant stay in respawn area for long as a cheat to hide if they eliminated the majority of the opposing team.

  2. Deathmatch: no minions or sentry or objective just turrents and kill to a certain number (maybe 50 or more until time runs)… Not adding this but allowing 1v1 would be cool for those guys who sen up themselves.

  3. Maybe the second sentry can be more tough to get to in incursion and it being well guarded with more defenses, the sentry itself can pack more heat, causewhen the first one is destroyed you basically loose hope and the team votes for surrender (which im against cause you could always maybe, might comeback and take the win)… Maybe even for the second sentry players can upgrade it add a lil more health or shield for a large amount if shards.

Was just thinking and prefer battleborn to overwatch but some overwatch characters would be so cool in BB like that ice girl or ninja dude.

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1 and 2, never going to happen
3, I somewhat agree with that.
The ninja dude is Pendles-ish. Unless you are asking for a full on ninja person like Genji, then probably…and probably not.
There’s always Kelvin for ice

Maybe a combination of both could be cool. Hmm… Zane from Ninjago in Battleborn…

EDIT: Kelvin

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Like Kelvin? The Ice Golem? Who freezes people and spawns ice walls?


Haha, forgot about him. Never mind then

Never see him much lately, that’s why I forgot about him

what makes you think itll never happen and it doesnt have to be another ice person…maybe a sand or rock type…that builds a stone wall as big as MEI and can curl up in a stone ball and either be still with no damage or rolls out as slow as galiea when she uses her (Y) special but take reduced damge…(if a initial attack was 300 it would now be 50…and as Y the character could summon a sand storn which slows enemies …all these can be ugraded with mutation… i think if they had another sniper like that granny sniper in overwatch she will be cool

Gearbox has outright stated that the one thing they will never do is introduce a game mode where the sole objective is killing the other team.

If you want to play a game mode that effectively boils down to that anyways, play Face Off. There are a lot of people who like to ignore the objective and chase kills in that mode.

I like the 3rd idea. How about giving the sentry the 30sec upgrades like in the story missions. Give it a super gun that obliterates anything, or an impenetrable shield. Though make it so you can only buy each upgrade once, or give it a 2-3 minutes cooldown. Would be really interesting if you ask me.

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Which tends to backfire ironically, as the Varelsi are worth way more experience. The team that plays objective hard for the first half will crush a kill-obsessed team in the second. I’m not ashamed to admit that, after depositing my own hoarded masks, I myself use the final five minutes as pure deathmatch. Venom bullet rampage is just too fun to resist.

That all said, the “boss stage” is always gratuitous TDM and is the site of the grossest stomps that can happen in this game.

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Hmm, I always thought that kill chasers concentrate on deposite site and while killing-off the opposition they steal their masks and…