Multiplayer hard to get started and working

There are three of us. 2 xbox one and one 360. The last 3 nights we have spent an hour trying to get the multiplayer started and working. We are having issues with voice chat not working with one player and also managing to get all of us working in the same party and game. Two will get in and one won’t.
Any help would be appreciated.

Not had much experience with this personally, so I can only suggest you double-check the basics:

  • Make sure privacy options aren’t interfering with voice chat OR make sure everyone is on each other’s friend’s list first
  • Make sure the XB1 NAT settings are on ‘Open’
  • Players on XB1 should make sure they’re signed in to their profile etc. before launching BL1

The only other thing is the in-game settings - make sure these are set appropriately before anyone tries to join. I’ve had some frustration with having to restart the game when I screwed that up blaying BL1 on XB1.

Ok cool. I made some changes in my router and now it says open. For some reason it’s not connecting IPV6 not sure why.
Before the Xbox said moderate.
We will try again tonight

That might be part of it. I’m still trying to unravel exactly what the XB1 does, but I think it uses UPnP to tell the router which ports used by various games and communication protocols should be opened and closed. This is quite a bit different from the 360 which (as I remember it) didn’t talk to the router in that way at all. Going to “moderate” means certain ports will be closed to traffic from the WAN side, so won’t get through at all.

I don’t know if you actually need it to connect IPv6 though - that really depends on whether your ISP is supporting that standard, or still exclusively on IPv4. (Not sure that the 360 even understands IPv6? It’s pretty old hardware. XB1 should at least be IPv6 aware/capable, but that doesn’t help if there’s no current support in your upstream.)

Well I started looking around and I had a double NAT. Made my router an access point and left the LTE antenna( xplornet) and now it’s open. Also port forwarded the typical Xbox addresses and everything’s happy. Thanks guys.

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