Multiplayer ideas

Multiplayer ideas:
1.A mode where you can use all helix

Elimination: Everyone starts with full level 10 and have 1 min to choose their desired helix and last person on team to survive wins or first team to be eliminated
3.After the first sentry is destroyed people tend to vote surrender so why not have the second sentry more fortified and players are able to build the sentry like campaign…give it more health,overshield or fire power but with a high cost of money and at least 500 health…if a player sets for example health regen which gives the sentry 500 more health over a period of time… players have to wait until it reaches whatever they built before they can do it again or any other one like the campaign .

Team death match: no minions, no sentry, just turrets and players and first to a certain amount of kills (ive been hearing this one will never happen but oh well)

Player Level tier: Again… this game is very competitive and many times you get guys in groups with their squad but the game sets you up with beginners of low levels and basically you get wrecked, only few times and rarely do you get low levels of people who play well cause they played it on other consoles or they learn quick and yes you do get high level noobs but thats rare. This brings down K/D, so why no be able to search level group ranges from 0-25, 25-50, 50-70, 80-105 etc. despite what people say you will get alot of people especially more hardcore gamers searching for this. And also it will give newbies a fighting chance to enjoy the game with their level tier.