Multiplayer is broken

There is almost no one talking about this, but can someone explain to me how your social settings always want to revert back to private only.

  1. This bug makes it near impossible to join a friends game without getting an error code

  2. Once you’ve been restarting your game for 30 minutes and your xbox you finally get into your friends game it runs great for 30 minutes to an hour before the lag starts getting worse and worse til you restart the game, and then encounter problem number 1 in a never ending cycle

  3. When matchmaking this glitch will randomly occur at some point to either you or the host which results in either you getting kicked or the entire lobby disconnecting from the host.

  4. When this bug inevitability happen for some reason the game doesnt scale down mob spawns to your current player count so you end up fighting 4 people’s worth of mobs by yourself. (I’m not entirely sure if this is true but I haven’t been able to complete a circle of slaughter after my lobby disconnects because there is just way too many people solo)

I have max leveled an amara and I’m working on leveling a Zane right now and have yet to be able to complete a circle of slaughter multiplayer (I’ve managed to beat 1 trial of survival but 2 of the 4 people got kicked while we were fighting the boss and we made it to her with 24 minutes remaining.) I’ve been checking the forums daily for a solution, but to no avail. So I wanted to put out there that the only correlation I’ve noticed with this is everytime I’m either kicked disconnected or cant connect in the first place my social setting flick over from public to private only 100 percent of the time.

If you’re experiencing the same issue/know of a solution, or just want to help this problem gain some exposure let me know down below!