Multiplayer issues xbox one

Anyone having issues with multiplayer. Anytime I search I get one match that I can never connect to. It says to recheck my network configuration and boots me back to offline play. Checked on Xbox and it’s good. Prequel multiplayer seems to load fine but nothing on BL2. Even tried starting a new character instead of a transferred one but same results. I can play on my 360 fine?

Yea me also

Same for me. Frustrating.

same thing here… only 1 game… This game is meant to be played on multiplayer

My way around it is message the person and ask them to invite you and you should connect fine.
But yeah somethings wrong normally only get 1-3 games from search results and its rare someone joining my game.

On TPS for me: when friends try to join me, sometimes they do not see me or they join me, but it makes them completely quit the game I am forced to leave myself and restart the game