Multiplayer issues?

My friend and I, both with open NAT’s, both playing on XB1X, can’t seem to connect to each other. We can play other titles and party chat etc. Just a long wait to say check your connection and restart.

I’ve restarted the game, adjusted settings from “friends only” to “open to public” reset my modem and Xbox. Just curious to see if anyone else is having connection issues with friends. I haven’t seen any announcements from GB on twitter or other platforms.


This is the exact same issue me and my coop buddy are having. Live and network are all working, party chat runs etc but we just cant join games, from menu lobby or ingame. We’ve both restarted and changed connection type but still no luck. It just loads for a few mins then says c9nnection issue. Xbox1


Me and my friend are also having this problem. We tried literally everything, and this is the only post I’ve seen talking about it. We both put in a support ticket with Gearbox but have heard nothing.

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I was just about to submit a ticket as well, spent about an hour rechecking our forwarded ports etc. I can join matchmaking games no problem, other players have joined my game. Not even sure what else to do at this point.

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It’s pretty frustrating, especially when there is so little online to go off of. Hope Gearbox can sort whatever the issue is out, and quickly.

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Try swapping server regions, I did that and it worked. Me and my bud did the same one together and can play now.


You mean in the in game section? Not like changing location in Xbox settings right?

Been having the same issue… hopefully gearbox gets on this ASAP!

Adjusting the region setting didn’t work for me, I could however join my friend while he was in a party with another. I read somewhere because we have the same ISP it’s possible our IP addresses just don’t get along, maybe I’ll make some adjustments and see if that changes my outcome, because I could see how quick I was able to join the group of four vs how long it took to “timeout” with just one friend. Willing to try anything at this point. The game is just more fun with friends.

This is the message that comes up. I am still able to play any other game online with this one friend except Borderlands. We both have open NAT behind cones. I just don’t even know what to about it. Or even if GBX is aware of the issue.


Me and my brother are both having the same issue. We are trying to play w/ each other, but everytime we connect to each others game he gets in for one second and then he or me immeditley crashes from the game with “connection lost”. I hope Gearbox is on top of this issue, because me and my brother are longtime fans of the Borderlands series and its disheartening to see these bugs on release. I would like to play with my brother, so Gearbox please fix this!

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Yeah I can’t play with any of my friends in Coop and I also cant even use matchmaking and join random games or have ppl join mine. I’ve tried connected (and it will) and setting it to public join in and 2 seconds later I’ll go back to the social menu and it says I’m not connected again. My online settings otherwise are great and I have no problem playing any other games online. It’s really annoying me as me and my friend have played borderlands religiously together for many many years and were very excited to play this together but we’ve now been forced to play solo.

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I play online with 4 other friends. At first was having the (known) issue of my One X completely crashing when joining their game session. It did it 3 times in a row, I ended up getting a soft patch, and after that it hasn’t crashed.

However, my main issue now is even with a stable connection (400Mb, hardwired) I’ll randomly be kicked from their game with the message “Connection lost”. All I have to do is rejoin their game, but it sucks when I lose out on boss loot. If I’m the party leader and everyone joins my game, it doesn’t kick me out…instead it kicks everyone else out of my game session. Then I have to go into network and social, click the “go online” option, and everyone can join back. I’ve check my port forwarding and that’s all good.

I think this has been mentioned as an issue from other players, but I hope this is on Gearbox’s end and in the works to be patched (and not my actual console or internet causing a problem).

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Friend and I have a similar issue. We can play for awhile then xbox crashes and puts the person hosting offline for the game and chat. Usually just the host. Earlier today the crash completely shut down my friends xbox…turned it off! Please fix this.

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I have the same issue, almost,
I can join my friends game, however 15 minutes after I join their game, party chat disconnects me , then a lag of 3 to 5 secs in ingame playing starts, about 6 minutes later I get lost connection with their game and I can’t rejoin party chat or their game, until I quit the game all the way out.
of course the when I join their game the cycle starts all over again.

Editing this post instead of making a new one , so in theory all pertinent info is in one place.

I have an Original Xbox 1
after this problem began , I have Hard/cold started my xbox one 3 times, this helps for a short time (20 minutes plus/minus) but then it’s back to the lag/glitching slowly building up to the point I either quit the friends game or get a Disconnect Error
notes of stuff that Happened in game and may be related.

  1. Upon joining a Friends game, lag/Glitching builds up to a point where “A”. you have to quit game or “B”. you get a Disconnect error. Of note the friends on my list that play this game have noted that they have this problem also, to varying degrees.
  2. on start up, the game has quit back to the xbox screen twice with the error message “Game Took to Long to Load”.
  3. On Solo there is Lag encountered on entering any menu screen.
  4. On Solo, the side mission “Proof Of Wife”, the game froze for between 3 to 6 seconds 7 times (Note sound was still active).

My thoughts on #1 goes back to Borderlands 2, of the problem that would occasionally crop up, where you could join a friends game, but the very next time it would not let you join at all (this problem had several work arounds and was never patched) My thought is they patched/fixed that issue in this game and that this could be an offshoot of that. Or maybe some Bug that’s combined with 2, 3. and 4 above.

will also add the famous line “this Does Not Happen in other Online Games I Play”, which is true to a point, example FO 76 you do experience lag and Disconnects (the severs they rent and game clash), but not to the point that the game your in with friends is unplayable and does not affect party chat.

Edit 2. tried setting social notices to off as suggested by @VaultHunter101 in another thread.

I find that, that does clear up a lot of the Lag when viewing menus in game in solo, and no noticeable lag in game play in solo, although the game at one point did crash and throw me out to the xbox home page. Then had a friend join my game no lag spike or anything else occurred when he joined, we opened up xbox party chat and was able to talk for the whole gameplay, no disconnects.
He did experience lag, enough that it interfered with driving a vehicle, and some game play, but not it seems as it was before.
I do believe some lag can be attributed to internet/internet providers/location of players/, and maybe Consoles, while these factors do play a role, I do not believe that they are the whole reason for the problems. If I come up with more specific observations or workarounds to this, I’ll post them here.
stats for me and the friend I had last night,
local- Indiana
Internet- Frontier (step above their lowest speed) but this has never given any prob playing CoOp in BL2 or other MultiPlayer games)
Orig Xbox 1

the other
not sure of internet
Newest Xbox I believe he said


I wonder if your friend has the One X. I’m reading a lot of other comments of BL3 crashing the whole console, and it seems as though it is more rampant of an issues on the One X. I wonder if it’s happening to all One’s though.

Sucks about the game session dropping out, but at least I’m thinking it’s the game/servers and not my internet or console. Good luck, hopefully Gearbox finds a quick fix.

My friend and I had to both have our games in progress then join from there.

My friend and I have tried everything, what seems to be happening is whenever one of us accepts an invite, the game is automatically switching us to local only, causing us to lose online connection. I’ve traded emails with Gearbox but they have just given me the go around. Extremely frustrating.


I’ve got a ticket with 2k support to see if they have any suggestions. Their automated reply basically had the standard stuff, restart the xbox, test nat, etc. I also sent xbox support a message to see if there is anything they suggest. If I get a response, I’ll post it on here.

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Having same problem tried resetting Xbox, internet and nat types. Was fine less than 24 hours ago now it switches us to local only as soon as we attempt to connect. Love the game and really want to play with friends kind of a bummer