Multiplayer Lag Issues?

Three of my friends and I tried playing TPS on the 360 last night, and we got such horrible lag that we shortly gave up. We tried switching hosts, but none of us was any better than the others. Is this an issue that other people have experienced as well? We’ve never had this problem when we’ve played together in the past.

It’s happened to me periodically in TPS, especially with a lot of cryo effects going off during mob fights. Heck, sometimes it gets down-right laggy just playing solo! It’s also possible that you were just seeing general network/ISP/XBL lag due to traffic or shenanigans. Where I am, the XBL status page is often out of sync with actual network outages…

Huh, that’s interesting - last night was the first time I played my spec’d-for-cryo-effects Baroness with the group. I wonder if that’s actually what was causing the issues.

We did consider that it might be an XBL issue, but we switched to playing Left 4 Dead immediately after we quit TPS and had no issues with the former.

Try running a team of cryo Aurelias through the final story mission if you really want to see lag! TPS is generally harder on the 360/PS3 hardware than BL2, and much more so than BL1.