Multiplayer lag jumping etc. PS4

I am having a rather annoying issue when joining the online games of other players. I manage to join virtually every game i go for perfectly but the moment i begin moving my character keeps lag jumping all over the place. It is driving me insane. It seems like a connection issue but my connection is the right type and fine with every other game i play.

Are the Borderlands 2 servers the same as PS3? They seem like garbage servers that can’t handle more than 2 players at any one time. I simply can not be effective in heavy fights if all my shots miss the mark because of lagging. Not to mention literally disappearing and reappearing every 2 seconds due to lag. It is a similar issue to PS3 i had hoped this would be fixed this time around but it is still here.

This belongs in the PS4 BHC Tech Support forum. The forum you posted in is for PC/MAC/Linux.