Multiplayer Lobby improvement ideas

Here are some improvement ideas I have for the multiplayer lobby.

Functional considerations

  • Party or group chat (maybe with a party leader that can add/accept people to the chat and also boot others)
  • Ability to start a conversation with a single player in a tab rather than whispering
  • Ability to stay in a game but when changing tabs to global you can still view current games in the lobby
  • I have no idea what is going on with all the multiple global rooms but it would be nice to see those rooms and the players in them (some kind of room view where you can join and switch between active rooms)
  • MAP DESCRIPTIONS! (map designers would be very grateful!)
  • Observer positions for games.
  • Pressing tab to cycle between tabs (also in game that would be great for switching between team and global chat)

Aesthetic considerations

  • Different backgrounds in the menu that slowly pan and fade to a new background after some time
  • Maybe have a few different songs from the soundtrack rather that static ambient track (It puts me to sleep, maybe use it for the post game stats screen. I would like to hear something less anesthetizing before engaging epic 4v4 rts space combat)
  • Some kind of Homeworld Gearbox Newsfeed or stream on the main screen?

Here is a quick mock-up design I made in photoshop to give you some kind of idea of what my thoughts are. also note I changed the location of some buttons.

What are your thoughts about these ideas and the current state of the lobby? And do you have any suggestions for improving the general lobby experience?

Also, It would be amazing if there was an option where you could add people on steam or view their steam profile when you right click a players name. Or implement an add steam friend icon like in deserts of karrak.


Hi HW-Players,

I miss the option:

Turn ON / OFF Backgroundmusik in HWR Lobby :slight_smile:
Terrible to hear the orginal HW1 Backgroundsound all the time.

Also helpful would be a complete commandlist for the lobby.



there are other commands?

best regard´s


Yes, I strongly believe that the MP numbers in lobby are inaccurately displayed which should probably be addressed first and foremost.

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All these ideas are great, I would also love to see these things improved, it would be very good improvement. I would also like to see the lobby stay in 1 piece, not split off sometimes separated from others who are in multiplayer game…


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On somewhat related note beta lobby is broken.

Just logged into the game and see only 2 people in the lobby Astronom and I. Switched to classic and see around 12 people. Why segregation?

Would be nice if we have 1 lobby. :wink:

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It would be nice to get the lobby fixed. I like mock up.

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Can we please be allowed to the see greyed out games in the list when they are full?

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