Multiplayer Match Making wait time - Why So Long?

What is your longest wait time to get into a Multiplayer Game?
Why does it take SO long to get a multiplayer game happening?
What is the shortest possible wait time to get into a game and what mode?

During the day in Australia I am waiting up to 30 minutes PLUS for a game (Incursion) and less time from 6pm - 10pm (Only 15-20 minutes)

THE LONGEST TIME I HAVE HAD TO WAIT HAS BEEN AN HOUR AND 45 MINUTES. (In which the enemy players quit after 6 minutes of gameplay)

Is there a possible fix to this? What I have been doing is going to Steam settings and changing my Download area to Honolulu when the waiting times become unbearable. This means I play with a noticeable but ok(ish) lag but at least I get a game in an appropriate time frame (usually 5-10 minutes).

Can the Multiplayer game queue be sped up at all?
Is it a population problem?
Does the Multiplayer Match Making system need to be changed?

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I to have this issue if i wait more then 5 minute i restart my ps4 and it usually fixes the wait time issue. When i restart my ps4 i usually can get in a game almost instantly.

Things were great for me (Easts Coast) all the way until yesterday. Since yesterday noon, the waiting periods for matchmaking, especially on Incursion and gone way up, sometimes making me cancel and queue on Meltdown instead (still longer than before, but manageable).

Those are some pretty unforgivable wait times I have to say. If I were you I’d be looking for a refund if they can’t address that in a timely manner.

I haven’t had any issue like that on the East Coast US servers. Usually it’s 1 to 2 minutes, maybe 5 minutes if it’s a long wait. Perhaps the matchmaking on the AU servers are TOO selective based on their ELO formula in proportion to the player base. Could they be using the exact same server settings on the Australian matchmaking servers as the US East Coast servers?

sorry to hear about that, mate. that would be a terrible experience. i think the answer is to remove all skill based matchmaking, with the exception of a ranked playlist, and putting premades against each other. and obviously, putting premades against each other is not skill based matchmaking, just common sense. sbmm just slows down queue times, and causes good players to just create smurf accounts to they can enjoy the game again.

New record set (and counting) hopped on at 9am - its now 11am and I am still in the queue, it hasn’t found anyone else. (Incursion) Australia. Will do a restart. This weekend is meant to be the double exp, I have a sad feeling I am missing out. (It is Friday, should be people on) I am level 74 and an average player, although have acquired 11 Legendary items and completed 5 LORE Legendary items, perhaps this is the issue with the matchmaking?

I FOUND A FIX!!! STEP 1. Make some friends online by playing well and assisting others. STEP 2, GET IN A GROUP! Almost instant pops for queues and the guys I play with are really good :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: (Still play on American servers but due to teamwork the games are much more enjoyable!)

Wait time is still ridiculous. Is Grearbox responding to anyone?

1hr 10 minutes in one constant queue for a game of meltdown. PS4, Australia

Gearbox has no clue how to fix and they lose players on a daily base. This game is a typical example of game studios pushing developers to release the game ASAP, without thinking about the consequences. I myself will not be buying a Gearbox game again. This is not the first time I payed €50 for a useless game, but it will be the last.

Personally, I think it costs too much to fix it, and only a small percentage of the player have a broke matchmaking. So i guess we are considered lost allready. They will keep us hopeful for a while by saying they work on a fix etc. etc.

I can absolutely understand your frustration, but I just wanted to add that even if you boycott future GBX titles it does not mean you´ll never come across another game that frustrates you. Other companies and publishers can fail the same and have the same issues in their games.
If you want to be 100% sure you´ll never waste money on a game again I´m afraid the only real solution is to never buy a game again… And that seems a bit extreme, at least to me.

I really hope theres a way GBX/2K can fix the issues. As XB1 player I came across no issues so far, but its sad to see that the PC comunity has so many problems to face.

I’ll definitely be holding off on Borderlands 3 at launch if they use the same publisher as they do now. Gearbox has had a lot of problems with bad publishers over the years.

While it’s easy to say that the publisher is to blame, I don’t see how they could effect the poor ATI performance, dropped connections and poor matching system… people have stopped playing for various reasons, at best you can say that the publisher is responsible for not getting enough people initially so that those who left wouldn’t be missed, but I feel that’s glossing over the actual issues.

I just won’t buy games before I’m sure matchmaking is decent. For me, that’s just a dealbreaker.

Thing is, it was fine in beta. Somewhere between the open beta and release, they bjorked things up.

I really want to like this game, but I wait forever. I can’t get a full 5 man team in PvE and PvP I keep playing the same people, which take forever to find. What a bummer.

Yeah, it is. I don’t really think things will improve tbh. I mean, We get patch after patch, but for a small group of players, matchmaking is completely broken. like I said before, I don’t feel Gearbox is really trying to fix it. Probably only 1 out of a 100 players can’t play this game, and that’s not worth fixing, since we allready payed. Every game has this unfortunate group of gamers that is basically screwed. If they really cared, they would have aknowledged the problem, gave me a refund, gave me some extra credits/loot packs, stopped with all the game balancing (minor issues) before they would fix this big matchmaking issue etc. etc.

yeah bro its a bummer its getting worse and worse