Multiplayer matches on Xbone

I know the topic of multiplayer matchmaking has been long and oft-discussed on these forums. I have always had trouble finding multiplayer lobbies in BL3, but it hasn’t been THIS bad.

Since the patch a couple weeks back, I have tried at least 10 times and I am unable to get past the “Matchmaking Mode Initializing …” phase.

Is anyone on Xbone getting stuck on the “Matchmaking Mode Initializing …” page in the menu? Is this an error or is the Xbone BL3 community really THIS dead? I suspect some sort of error since I did not have this problem prior to the patch.

I wonder if it will only match you with other players with SP2?

This could play a small role, let me log in and try MM as I don’t have the new content.

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Update, logged in, tried Campaign Matchmaking and got a nearly immediate game.

As I mentioned I don’t have Designer’s Cut so I’m not sure the significance of this to matchmaking, or even if Arms Race MM is broken on it’s own.

Edit: on a slight side note the lobby that I joined was Mayhem 2? Even though I was in M11 prior to entering MM.

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That hadn’t occurred to me about the Season Pass 2 thing - maybe? It has been like this for me for several days now. As you know, I don’t play multiplayer very much in public lobbies, but I occasionally like to hop in a public lobby to test out how strong a build is in multiplayer. I have been trying to test out my Fl4k the World build for the last 10 days, just to see how the changes to Fl4k’s skills and other character’s skills have worked out.

But I cannot get on multiplayer. LOL